Visit Yuntai and ascend Cornus officinalis

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Redstone Gorge

With the addition of three new members of the team , The leader decided to promote the cohesion between the teams , Apply to Party A for a two-day tour for each member .

According to the performance of the veteran team members , In addition, the leadership's striving and promoting role , Our outing was soon finalized .

The destination of the tour is , Yuntai Mountain scenic spot, Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province .

Yuntai Mountain , It belongs to country five A Scenic areas , Last year, I yelled at my old unit to come , I didn't expect to have this opportunity at the beginning of the new unit . Just go out and play , You can go anywhere .

Redstone Gorge

I passed the written examination at one time , Talk to the leader of Party A in an interview , And go to the company last , But I went to work as fast as I could , The mood of going out to play is settled down .

The learn , It's time to play , It's crazy , After all, the road of life is hard and long .

At 7:30 in the morning, I will meet you in the Bauhinia mountain , I bought hamburgers and soymilk for my colleagues on the road , Another hour of sleep back to the cage time to Yuntai Mountain .

Start in Zhengzhou , It's really convenient to go anywhere .

Redstone Gorge

Redstone Gorge , It is a rare Danxia Landform in the north . All blame me for my poor knowledge , I don't know its geological characteristics and formation vein , It's just a superficial indulgence in its surface color . Take a cell phone and start to shoot at random .

The source of this image is a round stone , It's like a lid on the bottom of a pot , As soon as I looked up, I found that its lines were in a circle , I think it's very strange , So I photographed it .

Taking pictures , That's what you see all the time , It's not easy to remember .

Not old spring

The second scenic spot of Baiyun Mountain , It's the spring of youth . It's not just bamboo poles that stand up , It's about delivering “ Prolong life ” The spring of youth .

The spring water of the old spring flows down through the soil and trees washed by the mountains , After a long period of time, the simple bamboo pole support that has not been cleaned is transferred to the tourist's cup and mouth , Everyone couldn't help praising :“ It's so cool , The mountain spring is so sweet .”

So I went over and took a drink , Drink more , Beauty and beauty , And save a lot of mask money , It's economical and affordable .

When you go out to play, you have to have endurance , For example, mountain climbing .

My colleagues haven't started walking yet , I was advised to say :“ Don't go up there , There's nothing on it , Let's find a place to sit and play .”

It's really about my heart , I'm tired too , I don't want to climb either , But the idea of changing scenery still lingers in my mind , You can't always stay in a crowded place , As long as you come, you'll get better .

“ Let's go , We play as we walk , take it easy . I'll sit with you for a while .”

Playing while walking , We caught up with the boys in front of us .

go , To meet the spring of youth ; go , To see more scenery .

The next day , We went to the glass plank road and dogwood peak .

Since the glass plank road , All scenic spots began to build glass plank road , high , Low , Long , A short . I can't help but think of that very classic advertising words : If there is a similarity , It's exactly the same . All the scenic spots are still putting up scaffolding , Make glass , Plank road .

Since climbing Huashan twice , After going down the mountain with wisdom and taking Huashan Road , I have never met any mountain again . I only ran the plank road as fast as I could , Find the best shooting location is enough .

Dogwood peak viewing platform

If you're going on a trip , It's more like walking on the road most of the time .

Think carefully , How long did it take you to appreciate the beauty of the moment ?

We spent more than an hour climbing the mountain , But it only takes ten or twenty minutes to see the scenery , therefore , I have to say , Go out to play most of the time is in a hurry .

Dogwood peak viewing platform

Only standing on the top of the peak , You will feel your own smallness .

mountain , Standing there for thousands of years , Wave after wave of visitors came .

At the summit , I heard a passer-by say :“ Finally, I know why Wang Wei can write such a good poem , Who got to the summit , You can write good poems .”

But so many people went up the mountain , Why didn't there be a second Wang Wei ?

Who can write good poems , It's not about whether you have that leg , It's about whether you're the person .

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