How to use the mobile phone to shoot big autumn color from small parts?

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It's today 2018 year 9 month 23 Japan , the autumnal equinox .

Tomorrow, 24 Number , It's the full moon night of the Mid Autumn Festival . Dear friends and relatives who have been on holiday , They have already driven to their hometown to have a reunion dinner with their families , Some of my friends have gone to the beautiful autumn .

But no matter when and where you are , There are also small and large scenery around us .

today , Let me share with you , How to use the mobile phone to shoot big autumn color from small parts ?

Small parts , It means a corner , Or a single object , But it has to be something representative .

for instance , A fallen leaf , A falling flower , Or is …… A touch of gold , wait . They can represent something that is characteristic of autumn , We can all sort it out , Use it to shoot .

Next , Let's look at the picture , Say one side .

Falling flowers as part of the autumn scenery , How to make it poetic in autumn ?

Here's a tip .

Please don't worry , Please keep looking down .

The way is ……

Turn your phone 180 degrees . Yes , That's it . Put the camera on the ground , The shutter key is up .( In the past, understanding is , Turn your head and feet upside down , You try . You don't need a live audition , Just imagine it with your mind )

The purpose of this is , Keep the camera as close to the ground as possible , Put the falling flowers in the middle of the picture . With the closest lens , Shoot the lowest thing .( It can also be understood as , hold “ Eyes ” Pick it out , Put it on the ground )

Then , Let's take a second example :

Use the method of combining dark contrast to shoot autumn color .

The sun is rising , Everything in the world has a shadow . Use the sunlight on the grass and the shadow beside it , The picture is a dark contrast between the cold and the warm .

It's not hard to get a picture like this , Go and see , To observe , To find the sun and the shadow , Combine with the last one [【 Mobile phone photography class 】][Mobile phone photography class] The composition method of Li , You're not far from the road to take pictures of beautiful scenery .

I'm Runpeng ,

Spare no effort to discover beauty ,

Live a down-to-earth life .

like , Just pay attention to me .

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