Why do photographers go back and forth, and end up with only macro?

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early autumn , breeze , Dew .

Everything seems so beautiful ……

This little bit of beauty , Can you leave a memorable shadow ?

Yes , We have cell phones , There's a camera in the phone , There's an operational you in front of the camera .

that , What are you waiting for ?

Come on , friends , today , Let's talk about macro .

In terms of imaging effect , Micro distance is the best way to capture the touching delicacy .

In terms of shooting methods , It's easy to operate at a macro distance 、 The distance is controllable , Even a handheld operation can .

A crystal clear raindrop , A young Ladybug , A dandelion dancing with the wind ……

Microscale , It uses a small lens , Showing a different big world .

that , Now comes the question , When shooting in macro , What aspects should we pay attention to ?

First of all 、 Keep the macro lens away from the subject in 4cm Within limits .

Because it's beyond this range , The picture will be blurry , We need to control it properly .

second 、 Use the mobile phone stand as a support , Make the picture more clear .

Yes, of course , Students without mobile phone bracket , Hand held shooting can also . however , Be sure to keep your arms steady , It's best to support with legs or knees , Hold your breath and press the shutter at the same time .

Last , I hope you have mastered the above methods , You can also make satisfactory works .

I'm Runpeng ,

Spare no effort to discover beauty ,

Live a down-to-earth life .

like , Just pay attention to me .

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