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One 、 What is the nature of photography ?

The essence of photography is to discover beauty , Record beauty .

In this era of national photography , Master some small ways , You can also be a “ The photographer .”

Mr. Xiao Jiang

Baiyun Mountain in Luoyang Natural oxygen bar

Two 、 What are the criteria for judging a good picture ?

Composition 、 Post processing and the meaning of the image itself .

Afghan girl

Famous American photographer Steve · McCrary , A humanitarian ,1978 I started my career as a freelance photographer , In Afghanistan before the war , With great courage, I took many precious photos . One of them 《 Afghan girl 》 works ,1985 He landed in the United States 《 National geographic 》 Cover to win honor . And the girl in the picture Salbad Gula , I don't know that my portrait has already aroused great repercussions in the world . Now , This excellent work has become a symbol of the world's suffering women and children at the bottom of society .

Composition :

1、 Symmetrical composition

The elements in the image divide the picture into two , Balance left and right .

2、 Diagonal composition

The Korean pine of Chimonanthus praecox

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , It uses the elements in the picture to diagonally divide the picture into two .

3、 Golden section point composition

American plastic surgeon ,Stephen Marquardt It's done Marquardt Mask , An ideal beauty model based on the golden ratio .

When we shoot with our mobile phones , You can also use the grid to observe the golden ratio of picture elements .

Sweep the house

4、 Use the foreground to compose the picture

Colorful earth

5、 Three line composition

Man-made lake

Two parallel lines divide the picture into three parts , Make the picture more layered .( Especially when you're shooting at the beach , Use this technique , The pictures are very beautiful )

6、 Special composition ,“S” Type composition

Make an effective combination of the elements in the picture , Form a special composition .

7、 Silhouette

Silhouette , It's using backlight to shoot , A way of taking pictures in which the subject forms shadows and outlines .

8、 Slow gate shooting


Concept :

Slow gate is also known as long exposure , It refers to a kind of photography technology that reduces the shutter speed to slow down the gate time .

Shooting conditions :

(1) Slow gate shooting Software

(2) Tripod fixed

Running water

9、 Illusory aperture

Method :

Press and hold the phone camera to focus on the frame , Until auto exposure appears on the screen / Auto focus lock , So you can try to shoot the unreal aperture .

Childlike looking up

Actually , It's not limited to all forms of shooting , Be creative and choose the best . But the premise is to get familiar with the basic , Master and use flexibly , You can take different and attractive pictures .

3、 ... and 、 Way of shooting

Different angles , The photos taken are also very different .

1、 Squat down and shoot , Take a head up view of the subject . Low angle objects , for instance , kitten , puppy , And children and so on .

Low angle , And take a foreground shot with rape flowers

2、 Overhead ( God's vision )

People are on the high ground , The subject being photographed is in a lower position .

I have the feeling of looking at the small mountains .

3、 Overhead stroke

Four 、 later stage

Later in the picture , It's like the effect of a person before and after makeup .

Better use of post revision Software :

Snapseed Three tools :

1、 Basic repair

2、 Application of the template

3、 Save the style ( One click generation )

5、 ... and 、 Auxiliary props ( Cell phone lens )

Wide Angle 、 Microscale 、 Fish eye lens .

The method that must be mastered in macro photography :

The camera must be in 4cm Within limits .

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