[wechat Jiugong] wheat to be cooked

2020-11-19 22:53:16  作者:Photographic materials

Large tracts of wheat are ripe , It's golden , It's also spectacular .

On the way back from Binhai on Sunday , After a lot of wheat fields , Unfortunately, it just turned yellow , Not beautiful enough .

Chatting with director of wheat field , It's fast , A hot wind , It turns yellow overnight .

I don't know if there is still a chance to take a few pictures .

All of a sudden , Think of a classic composition of junior high school students .

The second day of junior high school is near the wheat harvest , The Chinese teacher arranged a proposition composition : Wheat harvest .

A student's work was criticized by the teacher in class .

The first sentence : ah , The wheat is ripe , I was shocked ……

The teacher said : You are dishonest , You go to school and school four times a day , Every time I was walking, I was pulling the ears of wheat and rubbing them to eat , From the beginning of eating to the end of cutting , The wheat is ripe , You'll be surprised ?

Put out your paws and see , That's not the color of the ears of wheat ……

The whole class is in full swing , Laugh more than .

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