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today , Continue to share your favorite photographers —— A group of portraits of the old boy .

however , Today's group of works , More special , Another innovative work of the old boy .

Where's new ?

Fine brushwork style !

Enjoy first , After summary .

The first 1 Zhang

Look up , Close eyes , Listen to the voice of the years .

The first 2 Zhang

side , Smile , Hello, years .

The first 3 Zhang

That one bowed his head , It's all gentle .

The first 4 Zhang

Be careful , This map , The characters are on the left , Leave it blank on the right .

The first 5 Zhang

And this map , The character is on the right , Leave it blank on the left .

The first 6 Zhang

Pay attention , Vertical width , This character is on the right , Leave it blank on the left .

The first 7 Zhang

Vertical width , This character is on the left , Leave it blank on the right .

The first 8 Zhang

Center the picture , Dignified and elegant .

The first 9 Zhang

Left and right mirror image , Creative presentation .

Good picture , It's good for your eyes .

Did you find out , For the shooting of characters , The old boy used the shooting method of Da Dao Zhi Jian :

Either stay on the left , Leave it blank on the right

Or on the right , Leave it blank on the left

Or in the middle , Or mirror image

Or bow your head , Or look up

Or side up , Or the body

The banner is shot like this , Vertical can also be

You've experienced it yourself , The most important thing about photography is , It's actually a word : Multi shot !

Good shot , To sum up your experience , It's the harvest ; Not good , Sum up the lesson , It's also the harvest .

For portraits , There are three more things to note :

One , The background of meticulous painting , It can be a live shot , It can also be matting synthesis .

You can go online search , Or buy some background material on Taobao .

Two , With branches 、 spray , Bird , Second exposure , Rendering the background of meticulous painting .

These materials are also available online or on Taobao .

3、 ... and , Use words to clear up , Especially with watermarks , The overall effect is natural .

Photo photographer : The old boy

Changsha people in Hunan , Director of the Chinese Portrait Photographers Association . Good at portrait photography , Good at using composition 、 Light and tone , Express the inner world of the characters , The works have a strong appeal and visual impact .

Thank you for the beautiful performance of the model , More creative works of excellent portraits of old boys , Coming soon .

Okay , Today's meticulous portrait , Do you like? ?

Which one do you like best ? Welcome to leave a message !

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