Mobile phone Photography: playing with mobile phone mask to make monochromatic effect

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Abstract : The mask is actually very simple ! remember 4 A valuable experience !

Later in the day , Pop a special effect :

Monochrome effect , That is, the screen only retains a color of the main body , Turn the background color to black .

The best thing about this is :

Let the color and effect of the subject , More eye-catching and amazing .

Let the background color and elements , More concise and simple .

Also common objects of production are : The monochromatic effect of lotus .

In the latter part of the present , There's also a special technology that's popular :

The mask is used to modify the picture , It's like covering the picture with paper , And then apply where you want to remove the color , To keep the color of the elements that have not been moved .

Masking technology , For beginners of mobile photography , Is a problem , It's like a higher threshold , It's hard to cross .

Actually , Good results and good technology , It's possible to combine the two , Make a wonderful effect , Like today's monochrome effect .

good , Next , Composition master hand in hand to teach you how to use mask technology , To create a monochromatic effect on flowers .

The first 1 Step : Hold down the picture first , Save this material , It's good to practice later .

The first 2 Step : stay Snapseed in , Open this picture ,, Then click below “ Tools ”.

The first 3 Step : choice “ Black and white ”.

The first 4 Step : choice “ Dim ” style .

The first 5 Step : Click the tick in the lower right corner , Go back to the main screen , First click on the top “ revoke ” Button , Re selection “ View changes ” Options

The first 6 Step : eject “ Black and white ” and “ Original picture ” Options , choice “ Black and white ”.

The first 7 Step : In the toolbar on the left , Click on “ paint brush ” Button .

The first 8 Step : The key is coming. ! Enter the mask interface , There's one in the middle at the bottom of the picture “ Black and white 100” The numerical , Click on the top next to it 、 The down arrow can increase or decrease the value , Use this value to adjust the mask effect .

The first 9 Step : Click on the right below “ hide ” Button ( Eye icon ), hold “ Black and white ” Adjust the value to 100, Daub the background of the flowers , That is to say, only the flowers are kept .

The first 10 Step : Click the tick in the lower right corner , Determine the operation , Then exit the interface , Export save effect .

Use the mask well , Composition according to personal experience , Share 4 Experience :

First of all : Enlarge smear .

When applying , Press and hold the screen with two fingers and expand it , You can zoom in on the image , In this way, the edges of the flowers can be finely smeared .

second : Cancel the replay .

Edge daubing , Beginners are not used to it , Apply it several times more , Cancel the operation before wiping , Do it again , There is a process in which practice makes perfect .

Third : Hundreds of drills .

The more times you paint , It's getting more and more accurate , The accuracy of the edge is proportional to the number of times you apply it , When you paint it a hundred times , You'll be relaxed .

Fourth : With tools .

Old people who often work on drawings , For eye protection and accuracy , You can buy a capacitor pen on Taobao , It's a stylus , Paint with a pen , It's a lot more accurate !

It's important to practice more , Here is another piece of material , Save it and practice it !

Okay , Today's composition tips to share here , See this book for more tips :

《 The fragrance overflowed : A complete collection of flower photography skills 》

Okay , That's all for today's Film Festival review .

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