What is your best focal length?

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Everyone has his or her favorite focal segments , It's like street photographers might be interested in 28mm perhaps 35mm, Portrait photographers will be right about 85mm Love has its own boat , scenery / Architectural photographers like wide angle , To the mall 「 Street pat 」 Online beauty likes big changjiao .

The more pictures you take , The more we know about the focal segments we are used to using . And with the understanding of the content of the photos and the enhancement of their own photographic experience , The focal segments we are used to are also changing .

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Film age , Because the standard lens of many film SLR configurations is 50mm, And in the digital age , Everyone has good quality and good price 50mm f/1.8 The lens of the , So it's probably the focus that most beginners are used to . And this is also a more versatile focal section , It can sweep the streets and shoot the streets , People can also be photographed . because 50mm It's easy for the lens to have a large aperture , So it's easy to shoot a virtual background or shoot at night .

Most of the entry-level SLR cameras in the digital age use APS-C The main picture is , Matching Pullover 18-55 It's also a versatile focus , Although the quality is only average , Shooting at night can be hard , After all, the price is there , But it's enough for beginners who want to know all kinds of focal segments .

People who started taking pictures from their mobile phones , Perhaps the most used focal length is 28mm 了 , After all, many mobile phones use equivalent 28mm As a standard focal section .

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Maybe a lot of people will think 28mm It's too wide , exactly , At first glance, it can be hard to accept , Especially for those who are used to 50mm People who come to take pictures say ,28mm There's too much content in the perspective of , It will inevitably bring in a lot of interference that has nothing to do with the theme of the picture . And we need to make sure that the content in the screen is important and useful , This requires some trade-offs in shooting distance .

use 28mm You want to get a clear enough subject in the camera , All we have to do is get close enough to the subject . It's not a problem to photograph people you know , It doesn't matter if you take your cell phone to your face , But for street photography , It takes some skill .

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For most street Photographers , Under the premise of ensuring the picture , Street photography is always about avoiding intrusion , Too close will inevitably interfere with the person being photographed , And their reaction to the camera can destroy the mood of the moment , All this leads us to tangle before we press the shutter .

In fact, most of the entanglement comes from our own fear , I'm afraid that my shooting behavior will cause the opposite party's disgust , It can even irritate the other party and endanger your own safety . But it's still a matter of shooting principles , We should pay more attention to the fact that our shooting behavior does not cause any harm to each other in various senses , You can't take photos of the other party's privacy, you can't use photos to damage the other party's reputation, and you can't cause any substantial distress to the other party because of your shooting behavior .

The distance you choose to shoot has a lot to do with your film , It's close , You'll get more subject details , But it may lose the environment because the subject occupies too much space in the picture . It's far away , Although the environment is very clear , But the subject may lose its focus because it is too small .

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