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Looking at Mt. Everest

10 Years ago, I passed through the Sichuan Tibet line without high reflection , This direct flight to Lhasa did not stop, directly set off to take Ali north line , Underestimated the difficulty of the line , There's a lot of high reflexes , Fortunately, the symptoms are the least severe among the companions . Sichuan Tibet started from Chengdu , There's a process of adaptation along the way , The altitude is gradually rising , It's OK . This time to the altitude 3800 Midilhasa , The next day, go straight to Shigatse , There is no process of adjustment , There must be a reaction .

The ideal Ali north line , It's in Mt. gangren Boqi , See the blue lake and snow mountain in the holy lake mabyon , Watching the sunset in the golden guggets .

If you give me another choice , Self driving Ali north line , I might be hesitant , Because it's a threshold route . Along the way, the altitude is at 5000 Rice up and down . The mountain road is narrow and winding , Extremely dangerous . In the first few days, it was serious , Let's go fast and breathe .

The itinerary is as follows ( Classic Travel Route ): The first 1 God : Lhasa — YangHu — Wave clip — gyantse — Shigatse

The first 2 God : Shigatse — Sakya — The new date — Velvet Temple — Everest base camp

The first 3 God : Everest base camp — Old set date ( Ganga )— Hisha Bama reserve — Peikucuo — Saga

The first 4 God : Saga — Palmer sheep — Holzer — Baga — Jiwu temple — Yamaoka rinpochi — Tarchin

The first 5 God : Okarinpochi turns the mountain ( Tharchin — Qugu temple — Zhire temple )

The first 6 God : Okarinpochi turns the mountain ( Zhire temple — Zhuomara pass — Menqu — Zuchu temple — Tharchin )

The first 7 God : Tarchin — Mencius — Barr — Zhi Da — Gu Ge

The first 8 God : Gu Ge — Zada — That Mu ru — Shiquanhe

The first 9 God : Shiquanhe — Geji county — Yare village — Ren Duo

The first 10 God : Ren Duo — Pama — Cuoqin

The first 11 God : Cuoqin — Wenbunan village

The first 12 God : Wenbunan village — fuck

The first 13 God : fuck — Selin is wrong — Bangor is wrong — Bangor

The first 14 God : Bangor — namtso

The first 15 God : namtso — Lhasa

Before going to Tibet , If you want to discuss Tibetan Buddhism with lamas , Please read the introductory books 《 Tibetan Book of life and death 》, If you want to understand the modern history of Tibet , Read it 《 The fall of the Lama Kingdom 》.

Take a look at the altitude of this route . When we were near Zada 5030 After a night at sea level , Feeling 4000 Meters above sea level is nothing . Lhasa 3658、 Yangzhuoyong Lake 4441、 Wave clip 4500、 Pomoyono 5100、40 The glacier 5300、 Shigatse 4000、 Sakya temple 4316、 Everest base camp 5200、 Gangga 4340、 Saga 4502、 Zhongba 4587、 Tharchin 5000、 Qugu temple 4820、 Zhire temple 5210、 Zhuomara pass 5650、 Zuchu temple 4300、 Maponongzo 4588、 Ghost Lake 4573、 The guggets 3800、 Zada 4000、 Shiquanhe 4350、 Geji 4800、 Change the rules 4424、 Cuoqin 4700、 Zari Namucuo 4613、 When you take yongcuo 4530、 Wenbunan village 4600、 fuck 5000、 Bangor 4700、 namtso 4718.

The Ali Region of Tibet is one of the least densely populated areas in the world , Ali area has 30 10,000 square kilometers , amount to 3 Zhejiang Province , The population is only tens of thousands . Domestic outdoor trails are removed , And through Lop Nur 、 Hoh Xil 、 Outside the three no man's land of Qiangtang , Ali Da Bei line is a conventional line , One of the hardest routes to take . In some no man's land, the trouble is getting lost , There is not much difference between the road and the road .

Water doesn't boil , Accommodation is hard to find , Eating, not to mention , There are a variety of flavors to choose from along the way , For example, Sichuan cuisine 、 Sichuan cuisine 、 Sichuan cuisine . This route , It needs to be tested both physically and psychologically . Gao's headache is splitting , I can't sleep at night , Dry nosebleed , There's a lot of wind and sand . The eyes were blown to tears by the wind , Ultraviolet rays are extremely intense .

Because time is limited , Flying to Lhasa without rest , A few days before we set out directly, we had all kinds of high reflexes , Headache and nausea . I can't sleep at night .

In the first few days, what kind of medicine do you take , If you see someone sneaking into your mouth , Don't ask , The medicine can't stop .

And I didn't get over my cold , Taking cold medicine while walking . I didn't take the medicine with high reflexes , Fight all the way . The sun is strong on the plateau , The wind is as sharp as a knife .

Cell phone signals are often absent , Mobile China Unicom , Being able to have communication signals is something that makes people happy . data network , Most of the time 2G. To keep in touch , The mobile phones of the three major carriers are the most secure .

The base camp of Mount Everest is not as good as I thought , You can only watch from a distance , It seems very close , It's a long way to go .

Gangren Boqi because of time , I didn't go to Zhuanshan . If there is enough time , It's better to visit Shenshan , Holy mountain will bless you , The owner of the small shop in gangren Boqi town received me 40 yuan for breakfast, and then he gave me this advice , Maybe he also thought that the porridge and some steamed bread, a pile of pickled vegetables could be worth so much money without a piece of advice .

Ali belongs to the border , On the road, we often have to stop by the frontier inspection station , Brush ID card , Check the border card , A driver's license , Vehicle license . At least check 20 Time . It's basically not repeated , Some of them have to get off the bus and go to the checkpoint , Some drivers don't need to get off , Others used to , Some people don't have to get off the bus . Passengers need ID card and border card , Driver needs ID card, driver's license , Vehicle license , Border guard card .

Stay in the best hotel in Shiquanhe, the capital of Ali , The water heater leaks electricity . It's the same after changing rooms , I give up completely .

A lot of things happened along the way , Because it's still on the way , When I finish this journey , Let's see if you are in the mood to write .

There are good Gansu drivers driving trucks to help , The Tibetan Taoist troupes in Zhada tulin help each other with kindness .

From mid autumn to national day , The temperature in Ali is below zero 2 C to 18 Between degrees . Big temperature difference between day and night , An outdoor thermal underwear with a fleece jacket is enough , If you are afraid of the cold, you can bring an outdoor down . Sun protection must be done well , A hat, a scarf and sunglasses are indispensable , One of my companions made the appearance of Tibetan compatriots .

Ali area , Camera Equipment , Changjiao is the most popular one to shoot scenery , It's better to focus 400mm, Wide angle is less used , The frequency of use is about 30% about . If it's humanity , For example, in Lhasa ,35 or 85 More appropriate .

It's also a very recommended equipment for UAVs . But a lot of places can't fly , Because the wind is too strong .

My drone is 5000 When you fly close to the ground at altitude , Hit the ground with a bang , Because the plateau ground looks flat , Actually, it's rolling . Take care of this .

Toyota is recommended to rent a car , It's Prado ,2.7 The displacement is very limited , It's hard to overtake . The air on the plateau is thin and the power is insufficient . The brakes must be checked before renting , Car charging , Spare tire , On board repair tools , Whether the lights are normal , Is the brightness normal .

Keep in mind , Don't take the night road in Ali area . More night walks , It's easy to meet ghosts .

Gas stations in Tibet have to register their ID cards for gas filling , Vehicle license , The driver's license is the only way to refuel , The price of gasoline is much more expensive than that in the mainland ,92 It's at the most expensive gas station , nearly 10 One liter . There's no charge for expressways in Tibet , Maybe it's included in the fuel fee . Ali area ( Tibetan :མངའ་རིས་ས་ཁུལ་, Willie transcribed :mnga' ris sa khul): It is a prefecture level administrative region of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the people's Republic of China . It was called Nali in Yuan Dynasty , In the Ming Dynasty, it was called oris . Located in the northern part of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau —— The core area of Qiangtang Plateau , It is a regional administrative division of Tibet Autonomous Region in China , One of the least densely populated areas in the world , It has a unique plateau natural scenery . Ali is the Himalayas 、 The Gangdise mountains and other places where mountains meet , It's called “ The ancestor of Wanshan ”. meanwhile , This is also the Yarlung Zangbo River 、 The indus 、 The birthplace of the Ganges , It is also called “ The source of all rivers ”.2012 year , Ali area is adjusted to 7 county 、7 The town of 、37 A township 、141 A village ( Residence ) The Committee . Jurisdiction over 7 counties : Gaer county 、 Pulan County 、 Zada county 、 Ritu County 、 Geji county 、 Gaize County 、 Cuoqin county . The regional administrative office is located in Shiquanhe Town, Gare county .

First of all, enjoy the scenery of Ali's big north line taken in this trip , Every picture comes at a price , Don't come easy .

Shooting equipment : mobile phone iPhone X, UAV is a big frontier air, nikon 850, The lens 80-400mm The lens ,14-24mm The lens .

The tripod hardly works , Filter system except CPL It doesn't work except for it .

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