Basking in the sun at Dazhao temple, Lhasa

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There are many places , Never been before , There's a lot of imagination in my mind . After going there , Only to find out that you can't be better . Fame is the accumulation of many people .

Lhasa has Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple , Dazhao temple and Bagang Street are in the same area . Tourists and shops and pilgrims fill these areas up , Become a landmark .

In imagination , Dazhao temple should be a place where pilgrims can be seen everywhere , And places where you can bask in the sun everywhere . But that day , My companion and I have left 10000 Step , Around the Jokhang Temple countless circles , I didn't see many people worshipping all the way , Occasionally there are a few seats , Also occupied by people . I suddenly felt that I was limited by my mind , Who said that sun exposure requires seats .

Stand up and bask in the sun , You can also bask in the sun when you lie down , You can also bask on your stomach , It can also be dried by rolling . What's more? , There are a lot of empty walls . I'm ashamed of myself , I quickly found a blank wall and squatted down , Put the bag aside . Put your hat on the floor . The sun is a little strong , It's not winter yet , I didn't think about that , There's something wrong , When the wind blows, the eyes begin to cry . The hand wiped a few tears .

In a trance , I saw someone throw some corner tickets into my hat . Vaguely heard someone say in not very standard Mandarin , Dazhao temple in the holy land was moved , It means you have a devout heart , come on. .

Bask in the sun in dazhaosi square

   The fragrance of Gesang flowers falls all over the head

   At three o'clock in the afternoon

   You said you like Maggie Ami's face

   Breathing the sunshine of Lhasa afternoon

   Where there is no shadow

   Your toes are beating the rhythm of the unknown source

   Murmur to myself and look forward to life

   Far sighted Sometimes it's long

   I hear you talking and singing

   No melody No song title

   Like the God given King Gesar

   I know you're close, but you're flying

   No desire, no desire, and then a mixture of bitterness and bitterness

   It's like coming and going between the cracks of the past and this life

   Fold up the dry cleaned love and a little sadness

   Sew into the once dusty bag

   Hiding here in the winter of half the world

   occasionally Float a smile

   occasionally Sing softly

   I'm not sure if this is happiness

   A year or a month by chance

   The sunshine of hiding place spreads on you and me

—— Big ice 《 Sun in dazhaosi square 》

The meaning of this idiom is that things are human beings , Is it Dazhao temple or Dazhao temple , But if the seasons are different , I have to learn from others to bask in the sun , You're going to get your skin as dark as Africans , abbreviation “ Much transformed ”.

Now it's easy to come to Lhasa , There are more people coming , They're all tourists with SLRs, sunglasses, hoods, helmets and stormsuits . As a tourist who needs to make a living and go to work, time is limited , I can't experience the feeling of wandering in Jokhang Temple . I really want you to let go of everything in your heart , Take the wall root of Jokhang Temple as a place to punch in every day , It's not so easy .

If the heart can't calm down , Stay at the bottom of the wall 100 year , The heart will only be full of irritability and boredom . You'll think about the dog or cat at home , And the bank sends you information on time every month to remind you of mortgage and debt , The boss of the company will yell on the phone . If big ice is wandering in Lhasa , Wechat has occupied everyone's mobile phone , You can smoke under the walls , Talk to each other about how to evade tickets ?

We can't go back .

I was sitting on a step in a corner , Suddenly a girl sat down beside her , With a SLR in hand , The camera probably has 35mm The focal length , Standard human lens . His face was full of tension and expectation , It's the first time I've done this kind of thing . She kept holding up the camera , Take pictures of the past from a low angle . And keep putting down , I could hear her heart beating fast , At altitude 3800 It's not a good thing to have a fast heart rate in domi .

I have no idea of talking to a girl , What's good to talk to , What can we do after chatting . After coming back from the Ali area , The whole person is listless , Lost enthusiasm for many things . Everyone is here to punch in , It's not a permanent residence here . I haven't shaved for nearly two weeks , The shaver I brought was used once in Lhasa a few days ago , The rest of the time is at the bottom of the box . The hair is long enough to cover the ears , His face is black enough to mingle with the Tibetan people , You have me , I have you. , It's hard to tell , To achieve great national unity .

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