Aerial photography of Ali Dabei line

2020-11-19 22:53:04  作者:Travel Photography

UAVs in Ali, Tibet , There are many places to fly , No man's land , The sky is high and the birds are flying . The only thing to pay attention to is the wind and sand . I just stole a little lazy , No parking pads . So every time we take off and land , The sand is flying , it , It's just that the lens and the fuselage are filled with fine sand , I had to clean up the plane in the hotel with tears in my eyes .

In Ali , Because the altitude is too high , The average in 4500 Rice or so , For people to live in the plains all the year round , It's hard for me to get the right seat on the way , It's twice as slow as usual. It's hard to breathe . So let the drone fly out , Take a video , It's really appropriate, but .

But the trouble with drones is , Every time you turn on the drone , It takes time to calibrate the compass , If no one else in the car or anyone else in the vehicle has a drone , So you have to be in front of the public , Quickly complete the above actions , After several twists and turns , You have to weigh , Is it to take out the UAV and fly it . therefore , The number of flights this time is not much .

Another thing to watch out for , The ground on the plateau looks flat , In fact, there are ups and downs , The drop is from a few meters to dozens of meters , If you stick to the floor 5 Rice or 10 Mi Fei , If you don't pay attention to the ground , It's very likely that even flying can hit the ground . That time , I have the remote control , It took half an hour to find the drone that crashed , I said to my partner , You wait for me , I'm going to pick up my drone . My companion thought I was joking , Until I saw me walking towards the wilderness without hesitation , A sad face , Never look back . I didn't know about the life and death of drones at that time . Fortunately, a few minutes later , I found the drone that was still alive . At this time, the companion has driven down the roadbed , Ready to pick me up and go back .

Given the limitations of UAV equipment , The static picture is similar to that of the card machine . therefore , Most of what I shoot is video . In the vast, uninhabited plateau , In the early morning and evening , The video comes out with movie music , aka . Run after Tibetan wild donkey all the way , It's also an interesting experience .

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