Two thousand year old historic sites in Chengdu: Dujiangyan and West Street, starting point of ancient tea horse road

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notes : In this paper, all the photo taking equipment is mobile phone .

Chengdu , A city with careless traffic lights , There is no countdown time display , There's no car honking your way , Everyone seems to have a lot of time to spend , ad locum , Time can be squandered in good faith .

I went to the pub on Yulin road . This place is because of Zhao Lei's 《 Chengdu 》 Become famous , More than one , It gets crowded right away , We still need to line up at ten o'clock in the night , I have a look , It's a real pub , And then turn around and leave , Walking in the continuous drizzle .

There is nothing wonderful in life , There's no story , There's no sadness in the pub , I don't know if it's a kind of sadness . The pub itself doesn't make sense , It's the meaning given by people with stories .

There are many places , Because it's famous , Just want to see , Seeing is believing. , Until my imagination is shattered , I'm satisfied .

Found a gap , On a rainy afternoon , I drove to Dujiangyan . It's a drive from the center of Chengdu to Dujiangyan 1 A little over an hour . Along the way , At least there are traffic lights 40 individual .

All the antique buildings near Dujiangyan , Misty rain .

B.c. 256 year , The Dujiangyan water conservancy project built by Li Bing, the governor of Shu County of Qin state, during the Warring States period , Located in Sichuan On the Minjiang River in the west of Dujiangyan City in the west of Chengdu Plain , From Chengdu 56 km . The large-scale water conservancy project is still irrigated till now , Enough to rank in the history of Qing Dynasty .

It has a long history 、 It is characterized by no dam diversion , It is the originator of world water conservancy culture . This project is mainly made up of fish mouth dikes 、 Feishayan spillway 、 The three main parts of the baopingkou water inlet and the Baizhang dike 、 The auxiliary works such as herringbone dike are composed of , The automatic diversion of river water has been solved scientifically ( The fish mouth divides the dike into four or six parts )、 Automatic desilting ( The fish mouth divides the dike into two or eight parts of the sand )、 Control the water flow ( Baopingkou and Feisha weir ) Other questions , The flood was eliminated .

In China's famous water conservancy projects , A considerable part of the failure is due to improper handling of sediment problems , Finally, the project was destroyed by sedimentation . Dujiangyan perfectly solves the problem of sediment deposition .

In memory of Li Bing and his son , Built a temple for Li Bing and his son , It's called Erwang temple .

When there was no Dujiangyan, the whole Chengdu Plain was a swamp , And after the rain After the Minjiang river burst out of the Minjiang Grand Canyon, it submerged the whole Chengdu Plain , Later, Li Bing chose the site near Dujiangyan , Developed artificial dams , The Minjiang River is divided into outer river and inner river , Neijiang irrigation , Drainage and sand discharge from the outer river .

Because the inner river and the outer river are at the rapids of the river , There's another sharp turn , So the stones washed down from the upstream are thrown into the outer river , The excess water is also thrown into the outer river , In this way, the water of Neijiang River covers the whole Chengdu plain like a spider web , In ancient times, the scientific irrigation project no less than modern has been completed .

The quality of the project has gone through 2000 Years of testing , It's completely in line with the principles of river dynamics , Great economic benefits , Construction difficulty , At that time, it was equivalent to the Three Gorges project today .

Mayor and designer Li Bing used a very clever way , Water conservation in dry season is realized , Function of flood discharge in flood season .

Laid the foundation for the land of abundance , The water is strong in that area , It's not good for irrigation , The completion of Dujiangyan will effectively slow down the water potential , A large area around has become a grain producing area . Qin won the world by farming and fighting , It has a lot to do with this . The fundamental purpose of Dujiangyan project is not the consideration of the authorities to benefit the country and the people , It's a military need .

Erwang Temple , It was originally Wangdi temple , In the reign of Qi Ming Emperor , Liu Jilian, a historian in Yizhou, moved Wangdi temple to Pixian County . In the first year of the reign of emperor Qiming (494), In memory of the builders of Dujiangyan in China 、 Li Bing and his son Erlang built Dujiangyan , The original Wangdi temple was rebuilt , It was renamed Chongde temple . After Song Dynasty , Li Bing and his son were successively crowned king , Therefore, it was renamed Erwang temple . On the Minjiang River , Houyicuiling , Looking south at Qingcheng , West to Minshan Mountain , The scenery is very beautiful near and far , There are “ Yulei fairy capital ” The reputation of the .

Down the mountain , I found a Chengdu version of the West Street .

Dujiangyan West Street is located in the south of baopingkou, Dujiangyan , Across the river from Fulong temple , It is an ancient street with a history of hundreds of years , It is the starting point of the Southern Silk Road into Tibet , It's a typical ancient tea horse road , It is also known as the first street on the ancient tea horse road .

The difference between here and the West Street in Yangshuo, Guangxi lies in , There are few people here , And halfway up the hill , In the distance, you can overlook Dujiangyan , Rainy days , The mountains in the distance are emerald , The mist shrouded , It's a piece of Fairy Spirit .

There's a shop on the corner , There is a myna in front of the store , Bages use Sichuan to say , Hello . The boss next door doesn't have any guests. He's playing with the birds . I want to shout , Boss , Someone is playing with your bird .

It's like a red, blue, and white spinner installed outside every barber shop , Every street where tourists gather , There will be tambourines , A skillful one , The man with a pigtail is a standard accessory of the tambourine shop , Fortunately, , The tambourine shop here is not like Lijiang , Like Yangshuo, there are repeated slobbery songs .

At the end of West Street , There's a very small fruit shop , Selling Gaoshan plum in Wenchuan , Eight yuan a catty , Sweet and slightly sour , Try to eat the plum cut into good shape, attracted me to the past , Shallow people .

Qi Tian Da Sheng and national treasure panda , Standing on the bridge , A lost one , A pretty eye looks at each other .

Chengdu , Except for the rabbit head , Hot pot , In my mind , There are also endless rainy days .

There's a rabbit in the specialty store , I couldn't help adding a word , Hand tearing rabbit , It sounds strange , One word difference .

bye , Chengdu . appendix : Map of Dujiangyan

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