Self driving tour of Fujian southwest line | Yongding Tulou and Nanjing cloud water ballad

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From Shenzhen , Back in Shenzhen , The designed route is loop line . The head office schedule is about 20 Hours ,1300 km , Via : Long deep high speed 、 Shenhai expressway 、 Huishen Coastal Expressway .D1 Shenzhen - Meizhou - Yongding Tulou

D2 Yongding Tulou - Nanjing Tulou

D3 Nanjing Tulou - Cloud and water ballad

D4 Cloud and water ballad - Zhangzhou volcanic island

D5 Zhangzhou volcanic island - Shantou

D6 Shantou - Shenzhen

Fujian Tulou occupied stamps for a long time .

Tickets for Tulou are very expensive , During the Spring Festival, in addition to looking at buildings, you can also see the sea of people . If you didn't do the Tulou homework in advance , It's also a good way to mix in the tour group and listen to the guide tell stories .

When the weather is bad , Standing under the Tulou, looking up is a huge Tulou . Red flesh grapefruit sold in those stalls outside Tulou , Attracted me to buy a few squat on the side of the road to eat . Watching the tourists line up in disorder , Looking at the insensitive eyes of the security guards , Look at the restless drivers who drive in and can't find a parking space , It's much more interesting than going in and out with the tide of tourists .

Fujian Tulou 、 Guangdong watchtower 、 Hakka enclosed houses are of the same nature , It's all defense 、 accommodate or put up people . Tulou is a defensive version of Hakka castle , Mainly wood 、 Made of stone and mud , It's suitable for a family of hundreds of people .

The people in the central plains are suffering from war 、 Famine, various reasons why it's not suitable for survival , Come to Guangdong 、 Fujian and other places , For the sake of defending against bandits and bandits , A large number of Tulou have been built . There is not much arable land in the mountainous area , There is bound to be some conflict between outsiders and locals , There was a fight . Even Hakkas from different families , There will also be conflicts over territory , Fighting for farmland , Fighting for water , Fighting for women ( Agricultural society needs population development ), When it comes to survival , Survival is the first consideration . Defending against wild animals is also a reason .

Nanjing Tulou located in Zhangzhou area , More to prevent Japanese pirates from coming from the sea . The prototype of Tulou is the official coastal defense fortress , After the Japanese pirates landed at sea , Guerrilla attack, robbery and plunder , Officers and soldiers are too busy to cope with , The residents had to build earthen buildings to protect themselves . The use of the circular building is more important than defense , There is a certain height above three floors to work .

The walls of Tulou are very thick , It can resist earthquake and disaster . It's warm in winter and cool in summer , Similar to the Yan'an cave . I lived in Yan'an cave , Don't turn on the air conditioner in summer , And a thin quilt .

The popularity of cloud water ballad , More because of a movie of the same name , The name sounds like a strong Qiongyao style .

Because of a movie , Change the name of the town to Yunshui ballad . The government is particularly good at doing this , For example, Sichuan and Yunnan are both due to 《 Lost Horizon 》 The name of the town was changed to Shangri La . thus it can be seen , The importance of a good name for publicity and imagination . If Yunshui is called changjiao town , The romantic mood like poetry and ballad is gone . On the contrary, it will make the public think that this place should be a place where incense sticks will last forever , Taoist town , It's even more difficult to attract young lovers here .

Yunshuiyao town can stay two more days , Take pictures of people near the water wheel by the river , Put on the clothes of the Republic of China or Qipao , It's also very charming . The town is quiet , It's not commercialized , There are not many bars , It's not as noisy as Lijiang. It's full of hormones . For people who like to be lively , It's hard to avoid the feeling that there is no place for youth .

Cloud water ballad has a long history 10 The cobblestone road in , Build along the river , It's become an ancient ballad of cloud and water . There are also big banyan trees of more than 100 years by the river , be situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream . Perfect for my mom to walk here , To lower blood sugar .

During holidays or Spring Festival , The tourists by the river set off fireworks , Play and play , Or in a bar by the river at night , Have a few drinks , Pretend to be a nobody to watch, but with details , Immerse yourself in a retro mood , I was moved by myself , Travel is travel .

In the daytime, we will find a small courtyard with sunshine , Choose a Book , Quiet hair for half a day . Bear in mind , Stupidity is more important than reading , If you do read , It's going down . Daze is an important expression of literary and artistic style . Find a good background , Take a selfie , Send a circle of friends to attract countless scolding , The mind is greatly satisfied , The whole process is finished .

There are also Tulou in Yunshui ballad , Tulou is similar with little difference , Look at one and you'll know one or two . Time is short , You don't have to see other Tulou , After all, Tulou is not suitable for literary and artistic style . I want to see the humanities , It's a good idea to die . Nowadays, there are few aborigines in Tulou , Most of them are businessmen who settle in and pay rent to earn tourists' money . So! , Talking about money hurts my feelings .

Please watch the weather before going to the cloud water ballad , If it's not sunny , The sky is dead white or gloomy , Literary and artistic fans will go crazy , Because there is no sunshine , Time can't be quiet .

About eating , I went to the fish salt chicken restaurant of rumor River in Yunshui , The salted chicken in this house is very good , Other fried dishes are also good , The price is not expensive. . And rice wine , This rice wine is called sad rice wine , After drinking, it will remind you of the sad past , Or something that makes you sad .

I just took a sip that night . When you're full , I stayed by the river for a while , The wind at night is a little cold , Remembering that the car was still in the parking lot in the town , For the convenience of carrying the luggage on the car , I decided to drive the car to the parking lot 100 In the courtyard of the inn where the rice is less than .

From the parking lot to the inn , To pass the cobblestone path by the river , Through the alley with two bends . Turn on the music , Let's have some songs of Cui Jian's Panther , what 《 Nothing at all 》《Don't break my heart》, The song went through my ears , Hit my heart , The heart can't help but speed up blood circulation , The gas pedal will be happy , Tragedy happened too . When turning to the inn, hang the right rear wheel to the corner , The rear wheel was also injured .

It's sad , The innkeeper heard the voice and came out to have a look , Point out the problem of bending from a technical point of view , At that moment, I suspect that he also raced in the autumn mountain and retired in yunshuiyao town .

I said, , Sorry, boss , Scraped the corner of your house .

The boss waved his hand and said it was OK , Do not care about details , Don't worry, I won't deduct your room money .

Just for that , I think the boss has a great personality .

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