Five great photography tips to share

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We climbed the mountains and waded in the water 、 travel across the oceans , It's all about finding beautiful [ scenery ][Link 1] To take good pictures . But in our daily life , Even ordinary photos , And it can be more beautiful . Here is from the photographer Annie Tao Sharing of several photography techniques , Through a few ways , Every day with 10 Minutes to practice , You can improve the shooting level , Try to find your own “ Photographic eye ”.


1) Pay attention to shadows

Light will have shadow , You have to be careful if the shadow will destroy the beauty of the picture , If it will , Then change the composition 、[ shooting ][Link 2] angle 、 How things are put, etc .


2) Observe the natural patterns and shapes

Find out the interesting patterns in everyday life , And then take this as the center of gravity , So the photos will be more attractive .


3) Find out the good light

Move the object to the good light , For example, in the room , Move it to the window , When the sun is strong outside, it moves to the shadow . If you can't move something , Then take your own place .


4) Take a close look at one of the key details

You don't need to shoot the whole thing , Or the whole environment , Find out the key details and shoot it , That would be more eye-catching 、 The message is clearer .


5) Move what you can

If it's a Book 、 A box , Shoot what it looks like to open , Show the content , Will make the image more attractive .

[ shooting ][Link 2] The most important thing is to use a snack , Add some special elements to the photo , It's not a monotonous record . Use... Every day 10 Minutes of practice , Will be able to expand your creativity .

Five great photography tips to share [][http_www.siweiw.com_sjinfo6680.html]

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