Black and white photography: a wonderful journey of photography

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We often feel the depression that the world around us brings to us . These make us understand these [ The photographer ][Link 1] The reason why we work in black and white . They strip away the emotion that comes from color . In terms of the observer , It gives black and white photography a more powerful angle .

Today we're bringing you some exciting new photographic displays , We believe in black and white [ Photography ][Link 2] Will affect our readers . Take a look at the world below captured through wonderful emotions , To get a simpler life .

The World in Black and White

[black as moonless night by wolf-minori][]


[fireball by dionn-k][]


[Duplicity by TheKoV86][]


[Explorer of the world. by mylittlebluesky][]


[Entering by Heraklid][]


[With Her Own Thoughts by EarthHart][]


[Galata by cyniczagor][]


[19 by honey-and-venom][]


[Cry Me A River by janey-in-a-bottle][]


[Blur by LydiaRhianne][]


[Film– XXXIX– fountain reflection by Picture-Bandit][Film_ XXXIX_ fountain reflection by Picture-Bandit]


[Ladybug Going Downtown (B and W) by Cloudwhisperer67][Ladybug Going Downtown _B and W_ by Cloudwhisperer67]


[Cemetery house by lostinawave][]


[Page in black and white by DaisyreeB][]


[. by GabiGeorgescu][]


[Rainy Days by FirenzeLotus22][]


[Sleeper by bry9288][]


[Chop suey time by valkeeja][]


[1959 Cadillac by ohno107][]


[Surrendered to You by NNarcissus][]


[Say cheese by duendeverde][]


[GY Freshney, Ross Tiger by AndrewFletcher][GY Freshney_ Ross Tiger by AndrewFletcher]


[Where are the girls…? by armenart][Where are the girls_ by armenart]


[suspect by Lemon405][]


[Between the Lines-4 by uralsky][]


[mile long lashes by imanxaddict][]


[The guarded door by jazzypao][]


[078 by TheOats][]


[Floating in Time. by ohno107][]


[Black and Butterfly by RayyanCR][]


Black and white photography — A wonderful photographic journey [][http_www.siweiw.com_sjinfo6708.html]

[Link 1]:[Link 2]:[black as moonless night by wolf-minori]:[201505290908407129.jpg]:[fireball by dionn-k]:[2015052909085112.jpg]:[Duplicity by TheKoV86]:[201505290909015983.jpg]:[Explorer of the world. by mylittlebluesky]:[201505290909109065.jpg]:[Entering by Heraklid]:[201505290909207163.jpg]:[With Her Own Thoughts by EarthHart]:[201505290909351125.jpg]:[Galata by cyniczagor]:[201505290909569529.jpg]:[19 by honey-and-venom]:[201505290910129671.jpg]:[Cry Me A River by janey-in-a-bottle]:[201505290910233907.jpg]:[Blur by LydiaRhianne]:[201505290910338284.jpg]:[Film_ XXXIX_ fountain reflection by Picture-Bandit]:[201505290910438201.jpg]:[Ladybug Going Downtown _B and W_ by Cloudwhisperer67]:[201505290910522811.jpg]:[Cemetery house by lostinawave]:[201505290911029073.jpg]:[Page in black and white by DaisyreeB]:[201505290911142944.jpg]:[. by GabiGeorgescu]:[201505290911243733.jpg]:[Rainy Days by FirenzeLotus22]:[201505290911365941.jpg]:[Sleeper by bry9288]:[201505290911447877.jpg]:[Chop suey time by valkeeja]:[201505290911551889.jpg]:[1959 Cadillac by ohno107]:[201505290912047329.jpg]:[Surrendered to You by NNarcissus]:[201505290912149737.jpg]:[Say cheese by duendeverde]:[20150529091223809.jpg]:[GY Freshney_ Ross Tiger by AndrewFletcher]:[201505290912346980.jpg]:[Where are the girls_ by armenart]:[201505290912442802.jpg]:[suspect by Lemon405]:[201505290912535252.jpg]:[Between the Lines-4 by uralsky]:[201505290913065883.jpg]:[mile long lashes by imanxaddict]:[201505290913148483.jpg]:[The guarded door by jazzypao]:[201505290913254754.jpg]:[078 by TheOats]:[201505290913342836.jpg]:[Floating in Time. by ohno107]:[201505290913493392.jpg]:[Black and Butterfly by RayyanCR]:[201505290914028326.jpg]:[http_www.siweiw.com_sjinfo6708.html]:

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