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I have been working in conference photography for several years , I have heard master yuan's lecture , I have been fighting for many times , A little bit of experience . At last week's human resources seminar, suddenly the heart of happiness has a framework , The scene quickly wrote down , Let's share .

Conference photography is different from everyday landscape photography in that it is work , It is necessary to produce the specified products at the specified time , in addition , The seriousness of the meeting also requires us not to be free to be creative 、 Don't disturb the participants too much . So the standardized model is particularly important .

In my submission , To do a good job in meeting photography, we should mainly consider the meeting venue 、 The content of the meeting 、 The three factors of spokesperson . Let's talk about these three aspects in detail .

( One ) Site pattern

1、 The best photo spot for judging the panorama of the venue 、 Determine the best photo spot for the speaker's photo , Communicate with the meeting staff to deal with the obstacles that can be handled .

2、 It's better to stand on a stool when taking a panoramic view of the venue . So the perspective of space is better , The impact of the picture is stronger .

( Two ) Meeting lights

Generally speaking , Pay attention to avoid the very strong light of the spotlight on it , The automatic white balance of ordinary light camera can be recognized and handled well .

( 3、 ... and ) Desktop obstacles

1、 Check out the desktop flowers 、 Microphone 、 Whether the computer screen will block the face

2、 The seat plate is in the range that can be photographed from the camera angle , If the seat plate is not properly placed , Communicate with the conference staff .

( One ) The agenda of the meeting

Before you photograph, you have to know what's on the agenda , What pictures do you need to take , If it's missed, it's a big problem .

( Two ) The length of the speech

Judge according to the topic or confirm with the host the length of each speaker's speech , So that you can be at the right time in the best place to shoot . We should distinguish the situation :

1、 Generally speaking , I don't recommend shooting as soon as the speaker starts speaking on stage , This is often a time when the speaker is not ready and nervous , When he speaks a little fluently, the shooting effect is better .

2、 If it's a speech that needs to be read into a manuscript or screen , You have to be ready before the speaker comes on stage , Because often they will have a formal speech before a polite , It's only when you look up , The back is full of head down in reading .

3、 At the end of the speech, the meeting room will give warm applause , This kind of applause is the best live picture . Because of the short duration , So at the end of the speech, you must be able to judge the time point and stand in a good position .

( 3、 ... and ) The content of the speech

If the work is done more carefully , You should browse the speech materials before shooting , Speakers often have different performances when explaining different contents , For example, they usually stare at the screen when explaining data 、 When you give an example, you raise your head 、 When we talk about problems, we will feel very sad 、 When we talk about the plan, we will promise everything 、 At the end of the call, you'll raise your head and have a great body movement .

( One ) Distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of the speaker's appearance .

The overall principle of this point is to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses , Avoid facial scars 、 Smallpox print 、 Braces 、 Hair covering the eyes, etc . There's not much to be said technically , Especially for strangers , Try more angles , Head up 、 Left side 20 degree 、 Right side 20 degree 、 positive 、 Try all the shots from above , As long as you don't have a bad taste, people can usually handle it .

( Two ) The speaker's expression 、 Gesture grabbing .

When time permits , Pay attention to the speaker's speaking habits , Yes, full of energy 、 Emotional expression and gesture to grasp , But if the speaker's expression is distorted at this time , It's better to use a plain expression .

( One ) The characters can be in the middle of the picture , You can also lean a little bit to one side , For details, please refer to the method of distinguishing nine elements in photographic composition .

( Two ) The characters try to occupy a large proportion of the picture , Make your face clear and recognizable , Specifically, it will leave less space than the portrait photography in life .

( 3、 ... and ) Choose a familiar camera , Those who are used to Nikon should not use canon , Otherwise, you won't be able to adjust the parameters . Conference photography time is tight , If you don't have a good camera, use auto gear .

( Four ) It's better to use an external flash + A soft mask or eye pad .

Because my works are basically portraits of leaders , There's no picture here , Interested please go to the intranet to follow the relevant news , Especially the news from the recent human resources Seminar . The only picture is the seminar on human resources , I hope you will pay attention to this topic .

in addition , Don't look at me talking about such a set of , I know it doesn't mean I can do it all , Seriously, you lose ~

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