Rare old photos not found in Baidu: Chinese society in the late Qing Dynasty captured by British photographers

2020-11-19 22:49:47  作者:How much do you know about photography

John · Thompson is on 1837 Born in Edinburgh , It's the first most widely filmed Chinese society , Western photographers who made precious records of China in the late Qing Dynasty .1868 year , He set foot on the land of China , Recorded the social life in Beijing and other places at that time , His collection of photographs from 1873 Year to 1874 Four volumes were published . Xiaoxi found John on the MIT website · Thomson's picture of China :

And try to translate the photo's English profile into Chinese , Here are some of them for you to enjoy :

40 The year old Prince Gong Yi 䜣:

Terraces on the mountain :

Hong Kong Port :

Macau :

1872 A corner of Shanghai in :

Sawyer :

Soldiers in old Chinese uniforms on horseback :

Temples in Fujian, China :

The temple of heaven :

Tea makers in Guangzhou :

One of the narrowest streets in Guangzhou :

The sedan bearers of Hong Kong :

Chinese people who sell coolies :

Manchuria artillery :

Jinling Arsenal :

Filature :

People who smoke opium :

Beijing opera performers :

Chinese women's feet :

Wuxia, Sichuan :

The quack doctor on the street :

Couples in Chinese working families :

Manchuria women :

The central street of Beijing :

Beijing Observatory :

Stone beast of Ming Tombs :

The abbot and monk in Kunshan temple :

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