Old friends of mountains and rivers: every person who leaves his hometown has a key to go home

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I went to see Jia Zhangke's new film last week 《 Old people of mountains and rivers 》, It's a long time to see Jia Zhangke's film with dragon logo in the cinema .

Jia Zhangke 《 Platform 》《 Xiao Wu 》《 Three Gorges good person 》 They're all the movies I like very much in college ,《 Old people of mountains and rivers 》 Although it's not as perfect as those before , Especially the setting of the third love story BUG quite a lot , But it did move me , Or the familiar Jia Zhangke .

People and things in my hometown and county 、 The little people in the big time 、 parting 、 Homesickness 、 youth , It's the theme of Jia Zhangke's films , The poster of the movie has written a few copywriting sentences, and it's also the title of the movie “ We are all prodigals of time ”、“ Everyone can only accompany you for a long time ”.

The film is divided into three sections, about Zhao Tao's heroine Tao'er 、 Zhang Yi plays Zhang Jinsheng 、 And Liang Jingdong plays Liang Zi, the three leading characters' life changes . In the past 1999 year 、 current 2014 year 、 In the future 2025 year , Thirty years of historical change as the background , The fate of three people as the main line, three paragraphs lead the film . The miner Liang Zi and the new coal boss Zhang Jinsheng , At the same time, she pursues Tao'er , Finally, Tao'er and Zhang Jinsheng got married and divorced , Zhang Jinsheng took his son to Shanghai for development , All the way to the explosion of wealth growth , Become the big boss of venture capital , Maybe he left the country for economic crimes , Never been able to go home ; And Tao Er stayed in Fenyang and never married , After my father died , Guarding the gas station left by Zhang Jinsheng, living a rich and lonely life ; But Liang Zi left his hometown Fenyang and went to other places to dig and work , Lung cancer due to occupation , Take his wife and children back to Fenyang to recuperate . Changes in the fate of three contemporary friends , It also reflects the changes of social strata and characters in China in the past 30 years , Over the years , Mountains and rivers have no old friends , It's hard to be a hometown in a foreign country .

The part that touched me most was , After Tao ER and Zhang Jinsheng divorced , Their son followed his father to Shanghai , Separated from mother Tao'er , Living with my father and stepmother , There was no meeting between the two places , After Tao er's father died , I got my son back for the funeral , In the process, I learned that my son was going to Australia with his father , Maybe it will be different in the future , So on the way back to Shanghai , Take the green train specially , It will be a little slower , I'll spend more time with my son , In the car, Tao Er gives her son a key to his old house , Said you should have a home key , Come back when you want to go home .

Zhang Jinsheng and his son have lived in Australia for ten years , I can't go back to my country for various reasons , My son grew up to be a teenager in a foreign country , Absorbing foreign culture , The forgetting of people and language in my hometown , I can't communicate with my father , Point to point , There is a generation gap that cannot be communicated ; And maybe it's the lack of a mother's role , The son fell in love with Zhang Aijia, who is much older than himself, as a female teacher MIA. Many years later , The son can't remember his mother , Just remember to call Tao'er , The key given by her mother when she was a child was always hanging around her neck , It's not just a bunch of keys , It's a concern , And a sense of belonging to home .

In fact, everyone who leaves their hometown , I have a key to go home . Remember every time I go back to my hometown , Mom would ask if she had the key to the house , Or ask to remember to bring the key ; The key to home is not only to open the door , Or a miss from my family , It's like the string of a kite .

There's a line in it that says :“ Care is the most painful part of love .”, Zhang Aijia, who has been away from home and hometown for many years, plays a female teacher , Maybe everyone is separated from their family , People far away from home have this feeling , Care is the most painful part of love , All care is also an invisible lock , Even if you're far away from home , Your heart will always be tied up by concern .

Mountains and rivers in the sky far away , Out of Yangguan in the West , This is the transformation of Jia Zhangke's generation , It's also his old friend's departure . Just like Li Jian in 《 Mountain Home 》 From the song of , The state of mind of every person who leaves his hometown :“ The world in my heart is so far away , I've been away from home for thousands of miles before I know it , I want to share it with you , But I can't come back to you ……”

And we , May the mountains and rivers still be beautiful after many years , Old friends are still well .

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