How did I learn Photoshop?

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It was a day in the penultimate year of the 20th century, when the cool autumn turned to the cold winter , I was walking on the cold, gray streets of a small southern city , Suddenly an idea sprang up : I want to find a job with my present ability , You have to learn something else . Because after next spring , In addition to going to the society and finding a job, self-reliance , I have no other way to go —— I have to build up my skills for the challenges of the next year .

before this , I have studied computer for about half a year . I learned five strokes , Be able to use... Skillfully DOS command , Come into contact with WPS and Windows32, But it's just a little bit of knowledge . But in the NOVELL The theoretical knowledge of the network , I feel like I'm good at it , It's just a lack of practice , Funny, even the most basic RJ45 I don't know how to connect the crystal head net cable —— The blue 、 white 、 Eight threads of red three colors spread out in front of me , It's like eight sticks pounding my head , Dizzy , Not to mention that I can sort them out and put them together to make a joint . I also studied C Language is a complex thing , But as soon as I enter the classroom, I feel dizzy and sleepy , What do I do ? Later, I simply stopped learning , Skip class and go with a bunch of “ No one cares if you don't learn well ” My classmates played cards .

Among the students I know at cards , On a weekday, I seldom wear fashionable clothes , Nevertheless , But every time he comes, he carries a Book , Very gentle . Put the book down in front of him when you play cards , Put the cards on it . The cover of the book is red , It's eye-catching , A few big words PhotoShop Always shaking in front of my eyes . I asked him why he seldom went to class , He said those classes were boring , It's no use learning , I asked him again PhotoShop What is it? , He said it's for photo processing , It's very popular in Guangdong , It's easy to find a good job …… So when I'm wandering in the street thinking about what I have to learn ,PhotoShop This name jumps into my brain wave again . I learned this PhotoShop What can I do ? What kind of job can I find ? I don't know , But except for this PhotoShop What else can I learn ? It doesn't seem that . Then go and learn !

I can still recall the scene today : I found a computer training school by the river , When I got to the third floor, I found the room was open , One with very high hair 、 The beautiful woman sat inside . I asked her if she could study here PhotoShop? She said yes , I asked if there was a teacher teaching , She said there was , The teacher is very good . Then she took me to the fifth floor , I see a big room , A lot of people sit in front of computers and draw pictures . I think it's true , This is it , So I paid my tuition , Begin to learn PhotoShop.

It took a few days to discover , It's not like that : The software that those people are learning is called 3ds, No PhotoShop. They are senior students majoring in civil engineering from a nearby university , There is no computer in school , So they look for outside training classes to practice their machines . I'm the only one to learn PhotoShop, What shall I do? ? That woman, the landlady, comforted me that the teacher was busy recently , These students also have to learn PhotoShop Of , Let me learn 3DS, After learning, I will learn with you PhotoShop.

ok ! I was in the middle of a bunch of college students , Start learning how to make animation . Think I dropped out of high school , In addition to the junior high school courses and more than half a year's computer courses , I've never been exposed to any other expertise , those 3DS Top view in 、 Leading angle 、 Section, etc , I've never heard of , Look at those college students majoring in civil engineering and civil engineering, there is no such obstacle . About ten days have passed , I use 3ds4.0 Make an animation : A teapot is flying around the computer screen , Flying around …… Looking at the screen, I'm a little confused , Although animation is a bit like that , But how was it made ? I don't know . I don't feel right and time is running out , So I decided to give up this 3DS self-taught PhotoShop. So I went to the computer city and bought one PhotoShop Installation disk and a copy of PhotoShop The book , No matter how reluctant the boss's eyes are , Installed in the computer PhotoShop Software , Start practicing step by step .


I'm still grateful for the book I bought , Book name 《 stride across PhotoShop 5.0: Super manual 》. I sit in front of the computer every day , Spread out the book and follow the tutorial to start using PhotoShop, Every menu ( english )、 Each tool is used one by one 、 practice …… I went through the book like this , It took about 20 days in time , But it turned out to be a pity , Except for some filters …… I didn't learn to PhotoShop,PhotoShop In me , Still a strange face .

one day , The landlady said PhotoShop Here comes the teacher , He has long hair , Smoking , It's fashionable to dress up . He had a proper understanding of my learning confusion , Said, : Study PhotoShop You have to have a scanner and a color printer , You can't learn without these two things PhotoShop Of . Then he turned around and walked away .

What the teacher said is not true . Study PhotoShop And the scanner 、 Printers have a lot to do with , Because it wasn't the Internet age ,PhotoShop Mainly used in the printing industry . But the problem is that I've only seen scanners in books , The printer is black and white in reality , What shall I do? ? It seems that the teacher is not expected to , There's no other way to think about it , I have only one stupid way , Follow the book and practice again .

When I first used it with a mouse PhotoShop The magnetic lasso tool does an exercise in tracing bottles , That thing doesn't listen to me at all , The screen is a mess . It will be much better by the second practice , I found the touch , At the same time for each parameter setting can play what role , Also have a more intuitive feeling and understanding . I slowly found that the layer is a very intuitive and convenient thing , Many exercises feel easier and faster than the first one , And understand the reason why you do it . however PhotoShop The channel is too complicated , Although I have successfully done some exercises in this respect , But there's no way of thinking about using channels ( I avoided using channels in my later work ).

When I did some image synthesis exercises based on layers and spent several days getting the mask clear , I feel like I understand PhotoShop How it works . I started to get rid of books , use PhotoShop5.0 I brought my own materials to make my first splicing design work : A fiery red sun hanging on the sea level , Color the sea water golden , A white seabird flies in the middle of the sun , A fishing boat collapses at sea level , The fisherman's face on the boat is facing the sun , A line of text shines in the sun ( Here's a similar version of it )…… I watched it for a long time , A sense of pride in my heart , There was a triumphant laugh . Those college students and the boss's wife are all around , I saw a look of surprise on their faces —— Because no one believed I would PhotoShop Learn to , Including myself . Everyone praised me for my good study , I'm not modest myself , Happy to accept . Through the second round of practice , I've really stepped into PhotoShop The magic door of .


For one PhotoShop For the newcomers , I often worry about the lack of solid learning , Long or short of use , It's easy to forget . So do I. , After the Spring Festival the next year, when I returned to school to leave , The landlady asked me to stay PhotoShop teacher , I agreed without thinking too much about it . Because I need time to perfect mine PhotoShop Skill , And it has to be in an environment where computers are available , Although the salary is very low , But that's not the most important .

It took me about half a year , It's my PhotoShop Skills are consolidated . I bought exercise oriented PhotoShop The book , Practice at night , I'm good at it 、 I understand , I'll teach them the next day . My students and I exchange books for each other , To make up for in PhotoShop Blind spots in knowledge and skills , I buy it at a high price PhotoShop The book , It has long affected my visual aesthetics of images …… Now look back , Although I later went to the road of marketing , But some of the students I've taught before have become design Directors , It's like “ Butterfly Effect ” equally , It was because of my spontaneous learning PhotoShop act , While leading to a change in the direction of one's life , It also affects the deviation of the other's life path .

attach : About how to learn PhotoShop, According to my own learning and using experience , The following suggestions are provided for reference :

1、 practice , Keep practicing ,PhotoShop Software is a skill , As long as you are willing to practice, you can get back the results . But also pay attention to , Don't just practice ( Like when I studied 3DS Time is a kind of silly practice ). meanwhile ,PhotoShop It's not a rigid piece of software , It's more of a creative tool , Everything changes , There are no fixed steps , So you need to practice and think and summarize , In this way, we will not forget and transform into our own knowledge , In order to use the software flexibly .

2、 Familiar with layers , A lot of things can be done with layers , After using the layer ,PhotoShop The complexity of using software is simplified .

3、 The mask is PhotoShop The essence of , Learn about masking , You'll see PhotoShop One of the big mysteries in .

4、 If you want to be PhotoShop master , We have to conquer the channel . But if you're just using it for the Internet , Well, it's enough to know the channel , I hardly need to use it in my practical work on the Internet .

5、 The filter is simple 、 interesting , direct . Beginners can start with filters , Cultivate a sense of PhotoShop The interest of . Interest is the best teacher .


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