When the cool special effects of light and shadow meet the beautiful civilian teachers' school, the school of light and shadow is created

2020-11-19 22:49:42  作者:Portrait photography and later

When the cool light and shadow effects meet the beautiful civilian teachers' Campus , Make the 《 Guangyingmin Teachers College 》

At first, I saw it on Youku 《 Walking in Dongying 》 This film , I was shocked by the effect , I just want to make a video for the school , From alone 2017 year 2 Start doing... In January , Take pictures with an antique hand-held camera of the club , I feel that the camera is not as clear as the mobile phone , The aerial photos were taken from the senior brother of the association . I have a broken notebook , Often stuck, coupled with the busy community of all kinds of things procrastinate , until 2018 year 2 It's only in January , It took a year , But the final effect is not satisfactory , Let's start with that ! Try to make a better film next time .

Official account link ( Like it , Remember to pay attention to my official account. !):[http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzUyNTMyNzYyNQ==&mid=2247483689&idx=1&sn=71feb68a5351c2e277f00eae00e53c13&chksm=fa1e8d4fcd6904596eca59709954a7994b754f7a9dc96d3eb7f1df13cf5be3c37422b5018faa&mpshare=1&scene=23&srcid=0819HcRFoNbx7lLOgMDsQ02t/#rd][http_mp.weixin.qq.com_s_biz_MzUyNTMyNzYyNQ_mid_2247483689_idx_1_sn_71feb68a5351c2e277f00eae00e53c13_chksm_fa1e8d4fcd6904596eca59709954a7994b754f7a9dc96d3eb7f1df13cf5be3c37422b5018faa_mpshare_1_scene_23_srcid_0819HcRFoNbx7lLOgMDsQ02t_rd]

Youku link more HD :[http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzQxMTgzNjg4NA==.html?sharekey=6a95142b6fef46b7c84e64a2182f61d41][http_v.youku.com_v_show_id_XMzQxMTgzNjg4NA_.html_sharekey_6a95142b6fef46b7c84e64a2182f61d41]

《 Guangyingmin Teachers College 》 Special effects analysis , Show the pictures before and after the video effects :[http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzQxMDMyMjA2OA==.html?x&sharefrom=android&sharekey=d3e4a1c9075b3ba1269621d702aa24fb8][http_v.youku.com_v_show_id_XMzQxMDMyMjA2OA_.html_x_sharefrom_android_sharekey_d3e4a1c9075b3ba1269621d702aa24fb8]

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