Little planet special effects

2020-11-19 22:49:41  作者:Portrait photography and later

Little planet effects were a hit , Interesting and novel late effects make many people one of the bright , But post production is very troublesome . There used to be only iphone Of the users have a special small star special effects mobile phone production software , It's a paid version , And now , Android users can also easily create small planet effects , It's still free . today , Let's share how to make small planet effects easily .

First of all, let's take a look at the effect picture of small planet

The little star effect is to compress the image into a sphere , Form a new and interesting visual effect , This post method is suitable for small and large images . The next step is the procedure .

① Open the post Software picsart, Click edit

② Choose a picture of a small person and a big scene to edit

③ Select special effects - Distortion - Little planet

④ Adjust the parameters according to your preference : Zoom to adjust the zoom ratio of the picture 、 Transition and blur are to adjust the image edge smooth transition 、 Rotation is to make the picture 360 Degrees, any rotation , Until you adjust to the angle you like .

A few simple steps , You can make an ordinary photo a novel effect

Finally, I'll put in a few pictures of the material , For everyone to practice , Only by trying can you really master a new skill

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