Mobile shooting of long legs - early to late

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Almost every girl wants to have a pair of charming long legs , Today, from the early stage to the late stage , Share some tips and techniques for making legs look longer . Later today, we will use beautiful pictures and beautiful pictures .

① High waisted trousers

Try to show your legs , Wear high waisted pants , High waisted shorts are better . Wear high waisted pants to lift the waistline up , People can cheat , We generally believe that all the legs below the waistline , So wearing high waisted pants can visually make people feel that your legs are longer .

② High heels

Wearing high-heeled shoes with exposed instep can also give people a longer sense of foot visually , It's best to keep your toes straight when you shoot , Can also have the effect of lengthening the leg visually .

Refuse to shoot from above !!! It's going to look short on a head shot . Generally, boyfriends are taller than girls , So the boy who can't take a picture directly picks up his mobile phone and starts shooting , It's easy to take a picture of a girl , So I'll shoot girls short , The legs are short .

The shooting angle should be back shot !!! Squat down a little bit , From the bottom up, there's a little bit of upside down angle , It can make the thighs look longer .

But don't get too close , Mobile phone wide angle lens , Too close to the thigh will make the legs thick , Too much of a good thing , Moderate is good .

It is recommended to use diagonal composition to shoot long legs , Diagonal composition is good for long legs .

And there's a little trick , Bring the legs closer to the bottom of the frame , Because the cell phone is a wide-angle lens , Lens distortion can make objects near the edge of the picture appear slender .

Try to keep your legs straight , If you want your legs to look long, you have to show as many legs as you can

Even if it's sitting , Don't sit tight . That is to say, sit close to the edge of the chair or the edge of the steps , Just a small part of it , Extend your legs as far as you can .

Cross legs show long legs

T-step is also a common standing position , The back foot serves as the center of gravity , Put your front legs forward

There are all kinds of postures , To sum up, try to straighten your legs

Today, we use home-made handlebar mobile phone repair software Meitu XiuXiu for later operation

① Open the beautiful picture and show the show , Click portrait beauty

② Click on the heightening tool

The red area is the elevated area , Pull the adjustment bar to increase height

It is suggested to fine tune in stages , Grow a small part across the thigh , Knee to calf growth is a small part , It's not a one-time stretch across the foot , It will be more natural to adjust in stages .

③ After growth , Choose a slimming tool

Slowly push the leg by hand to liquefy , In the end, it's done

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