A guide to shooting intimate photos

2020-11-19 22:49:39  作者:Portrait photography and later

The favorite thing among girlfriends is to take pictures , No matter where you go, you will leave a group photo as a souvenir , The cell phone is full of each other's looks . But not everyone can take good pictures of their best friends , Today, I'd like to share with you my experience in shooting photos of my best friend .

It is recommended to wear girlfriends or sisters for shooting , If two people dress too different styles, it will not be harmonious , Not close enough .

① Same style and same color

② The same clothes in different colors

③ The same complementary color dress

Like girls A Wear a black coat and a red skirt , girl student B Wear a red coat and a black skirt

The same props can reflect two people's common hobbies , Add fun to the photos at the same time , Can show what two people have in common , Let people see that they have something in common .

① The same hat

② Same flower

③ Same camera

④ A scarf with

⑤ The same headset

⑥ Same frame

① Take a silhouette together

② Take a picture of your back together

③ Lie down together

④ Lie down together

⑤ Look in the same direction together

① Hand in hand

② Face to face

③ Shoulder to lean on

④ Some words are just for you

⑤ Laugh together

⑥ One is standing and the other is sitting

⑦ Walk in unison

⑧ Stand in front of and behind , Increase the sense of level and space in the picture

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