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A lot of people think the fragment effect is cool , I want to know the later method of fragment effect . Of course , If you use photoshop It's quite complicated to make the fragment effect , And cut the picture , But just use picsart This software can be easily generated with one click .

Old rules , Let's start with a comparison

This body fragmentation effect is especially suitable for making friends during travel , But I used to use photoshop For later operations , More trouble , But now it can be operated directly on the mobile phone , It's about five to ten minutes to deal with , Very convenient , For some photographers , You'll feel great when you see this effect .

① open picsart Software , Select editor , Open the picture

② Select tool , Choose diffusion

③ Use the brush to select the area that needs to be blasted

④ Adjust the parameters , Stretching means the extent to which fragments break apart , Far and near

Resizing is the size of the fragment , The smaller the size , The smaller the fragment

The direction is to adjust the direction in which the debris will disintegrate

Darkening is to adjust the opacity of the layer

You can also adjust the composition mode according to the actual situation

In the end, it's done

If you want to make a different fragmentation effect , It can be applied directly with a brush

① Open software , Choose a painting

② Select color picker , Choose the color of the character

③ Use a paintbrush to draw fragments , You can freely adjust the style of the fragment by adjusting the brush parameters

④ Because it's time consuming , There is no specific operation . The main idea is , The color picker takes the color of the character , Apply to the edge of the body . The fragmentation relationship is from dense to sparse .

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