Later stage of mobile phone - light source shaping

2020-11-19 22:49:36  作者:Portrait photography and later

Sometimes the weather is not so good when we take pictures , When it's cloudy, take photos , The light is flat and has no texture , Can we artificially reshape the effect of light ? The next step is to use the mobile phone repair software snapseed Let's share some ways to reshape the light source .

Old rules , Let's start with a comparison

Let's analyze the original picture : The light is too dark , Although it's centered , But the feeling of the characters is not so prominent , It's not very aesthetic .

The idea is to darken everything , Create a beam of light from the top right to illuminate the character , Let's see the picture for a moment , The vision is focused on the two characters in the middle . And because it's a couple photo , I hope the photos are hazy and beautiful .

① Open the picture , Use the adjustment tool for basic image retouching . The original picture is darker , Let's highlight the picture as a whole . The atmosphere in basic adjustment is a magic tool , Just a little bit can make the picture look better .

After the adjustment, the picture has become more in line with the public aesthetic than the original image . People like bright 、 Clear 、 The film with higher saturation , This kind of film will make people feel more comfortable , Easier to accept .

② Because it's a couple photo , Next, I'm going to add a halo effect , Make the picture more beautiful

Turn on the charm halo tool , Choose a filter you like , Adjust the parameters

Compared to the previous photos , The basic sense of atmosphere is coming out

③ The next step is to create a new lighting effect , Open the local tool

Darken all around , Create a beam of light along the diagonal

④ The effect is still not strong enough , Turn on the vignette tool

Further darkening the environment , Make the upper right corner brighter , Create a sense of light coming down from the top right

⑤ In order to make people's visual focus more on the characters , Turn on lens blur tool

Make the environment around the characters a little more fuzzy

Finally, the lighting effect was reshaped , Created a couple photo with a hazy feeling

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