Quick self-study of mobile phone's post revision drawing

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It's a basic skill that everyone can learn , But for the new beginners, how should they teach themselves the later stage technology of mobile phones ? Let 's share today , How to use mobile phone software mix From the study of mobile phone post revision Technology .

The interface is mix The home page of the software , We can find some mobile phone post revision course in the Academy , But what I want to talk about today is the self-study method of mobile phone post revision in the community , Self study in the community may be a channel that some people don't notice .

Community style filters and preferred image plates , There are a lot of good pictures to show , There are also specific classifications , We can read more pictures and accumulate experience when we are free .

When we click on one of the images , You'll open the big picture page , See the following screen

The pictures we see are all pieces after revision , But as long as we press the picture, we can see the original picture of the picture

You can click the play button in the lower left corner of the picture to know the process of revision , The numbers represent the steps taken to revise the drawing , We can see step by step how other people fix the drawing , What adjustments have been made , This is absolutely valuable experience for beginners

We can look at other people's modification step by step , And see what changes each adjustment will bring to the picture

And so on , As long as you usually look at pictures , At the end of the day, when you see other people's films, you can roughly know what adjustments others have made

If you like other people's filter effects , You can also click download filter

Next time you can directly in the custom filter , Adjust your pictures with one click

After applying filter , Adjust the opacity , Then according to their own preferences to fine tune the picture can be produced , It can greatly improve the efficiency of later revision

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