Mobile phone late snow production

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The last issue talked about using mobile phone software mix Adjust backlight portrait photo , How to use this sharing mix Post production snow special effects . snow scene , It's basically a view that every southerner wants to see once , Master this skill , You can take pictures of snow in the South .

Old rules , Let's start with a comparison

Let's analyze the original picture first , See how to increase the snow effect

The color of the original picture is relatively simple , The orange yellow color of the leaves and tracks on both sides is the main color . Imagine if it snows , What the scene should look like ? It should be white , The branches are withered , The track is white with snow . So we need to get rid of the orange color later , It turns into a color close to snow .

① Open the picture , Click Edit Toolbox

② Select the hue saturation tool , Minimize yellow saturation , The lightness reaches the highest

There's still some orange residue in the picture , Keep the orange saturation to a minimum , The lightness reaches the highest

You can see that the branches have withered , The whole picture has become mainly gray and white , The only color left is the two characters in the center of the picture

③ Select texture , Choose the weather texture , Choose a snow special effect according to your own taste

Adjust the degree and direction of snow effects , Make the snow effect more realistic

④ Choose a filter you like , Unify the colors , I use fashion effect here F2 Filter

Then save the photo , It's better to save the photo filter as well

So the next time you adjust the snow picture, you can adjust it with one button

Just click on your own saved Snow preset , It can be adjusted with one key

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