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Today we use mobile software mix Let's share the tutorial of backlight portrait of mobile phone . In life, there are many people who will shoot portraits in direct sunlight , Most of these photos show a high light ratio , The shadow of the characters is heavy 、 The sky is so white . Next, I'll teach you how to improve this kind of photo .

Old rules , Let's start with a comparison

Let's analyze the original picture : The original picture is backlight , People are dark and opaque , Therefore, the skin color needs to be lightened in the later stage . At the same time, hope to increase the backlight effect, increase the atmosphere of the picture .

① Open the picture , Click Edit Toolbox

② Because it's against the light , The characters are backlit , To weaken the shadow , Shadows need to be highlighted .

③ Shoot in direct sunlight , The light ratio is too big , So you need to reduce the contrast of your photos .

④ The characters are in the shadow , I want a little bit of blue in the shadow , In contrast to the sunflower and the warm yellow of the next day , Give the photo a little bit of contrast color .

⑤ Pictures of girls , Beauty is a must , Everybody knows that .

⑥ Add a little bit of center brightness , The purpose is to highlight the characters , And it makes people's visual focus easier to focus on the center of the picture .

⑦ Select texture , Choose a lighting effect according to your preference , We also need to pay attention to the direction of the light source , This light source in the upper corner is the original effect , It doesn't match the picture , You need to change the direction of the light source .

⑧ If the character is in a shadow state, it is judged as backlight , Because the right side of the image is illuminated by light , It means the light is coming from the right side . So you need to rotate the lighting effect , Turn the light source to the top right . Changing the light intensity can change the intensity of light .

In the end, it's done .

A picture of a dark skin turned into a beautiful backlight wrapped in light .

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