Novice note, these six aperture knowledge, will affect your shooting results

2020-11-19 22:49:31  作者:Photography Academy

In the process of photographing , It's very important to use the equipment . And the aperture , It's one of the most important things . Whether it's a photographer or a professional photographer , We need to master the aperture . today , Let's share with you about the aperture 6 A knowledge , For the aperture , Let's see how much we know .

1、 Aperture value and aperture series

The aperture is the same as the shutter , It's subdivided by gear . From large aperture to small aperture is f/1 > f/1.4 > f/2 > f/2.8 > f/4 > f/5.6 > f/8 > f/11 > f/16 > f/22 > f/32. Under the same other conditions , From left to right , The amount of exposure gradually decreases , Every downshift , The amount of light in the aperture is half the amount .( The conventional 50mmf/1.2 It's a big aperture lens )

2、 The larger the aperture , The deeper the scene is

The size of the aperture , It has a direct effect on the depth of field of the picture , With other parameters of the camera unchanged , The larger the aperture , The more depth of field in the picture ( Fuzzy ), Besides , The factors that affect the depth of field are the focal length and the distance of shooting . The bigger the focal length , The closer the lens is to the subject, the shallower the depth of field will be .

3、 The aperture affects the shooting effect of starlight

The aperture parameters will have a great influence on the imaging effect after shooting . In the shooting of the night scene , If we want to shoot sharp starlight effects , You need to adjust the aperture , Shoot with a small aperture . When we want to shoot a soft shot , utilize The best way to shoot with a big aperture .

4、 Don't try to maximize the aperture

The larger the aperture, the shallower the depth of field , That's right , But it's not all right . When we shoot anything , To avoid opening the aperture to the maximum , Otherwise, there will be scattering in the picture , Leading to a sharp decline in image quality . On the other hand, it is easy to lose focus . therefore , When we actually shoot , Pay attention to control the aperture value , Adjust the aperture size according to the environment and our shooting needs .

5、 What is a constant aperture lens ?

We are in physical stores or online stores , You'll see some shots marked with f/3.5-5.6 Characters like that , This means that the aperture of the lens is the largest f/3.5, To minimize it is f/5.6. Usually speaking , This little problem , It's hard for Photographers . But in some specific settings , We can't master this kind of lens very well , There will be a lot of shooting problems . If you don't improve the camera's proficiency and control , A lens with a constant aperture is the best solution .

When using a lens with a constant aperture , No matter how the focal length changes , The maximum aperture is constant . It will reduce the error of our shooting . But relatively speaking, it will be much more expensive ( Do what you can before you buy it )

6、 The maximum aperture will be reduced by using an augmented mirror

This kind of thing as an augmented mirror , After use, it will affect the original aperture size of the camera . Generally speaking , It will make the aperture of the original lens smaller . Although in some special cases we will use an augmented mirror , But not all lenses can be installed . So when we buy , It needs to be clear .

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