Seven tips for novice photographers to take photography to a higher level

2020-11-19 22:49:29  作者:Photography Academy

Many friends who just started to learn photography don't know when they are learning photography , What should I pay attention to ? Today, I'm going to share with you my experience in learning photography 10 A little drugstore , I hope I can help you .

One 、 Think twice before you buy equipment

Some of the kids are just starting to learn photography , I'm going to buy the best 、 The most expensive photographic equipment , I think it's the only way to take good pictures , But that's not the case . Not long ago , get National Geographic The prize of photography competition is to use iPhone It was filmed , So it can be seen that , Photography is not directly proportional to the price of equipment . It's not that equipment doesn't matter , It can only add to our work , The key to really shooting a good work is to have a pair of discovering beauty “ Photographic eye ”.

Two 、 Take your photographic tools with you

When you shoot more , You'll find that a lot of the time , What we think is beautiful is often inadvertently , And no one knows when , So we need to keep a camera with us or keep the phone on , To prevent us from missing the beautiful scenery .

3、 ... and , Take a notebook for recording

A lot of people are curious about why they should bring notebooks , Because notebooks are actually very useful , It can record your inspiration , You can also draw the composition you want on your notebook . for example : You cross the bridges in the morning , I want to take track in the evening , At this point, we can record the location of the shooting in the notebook , And the camera you should bring with you 、 Lens and tools, etc . Of course, if you think laptops are easier to lose , Then the memo in the mobile phone is a good tool .

Four 、 Don't ignore the little details of life

In everyday life , There are always different things happening every day , There will also be different objects in our lives , But a lot of times , We tend to ignore it , This is the time , We might as well calm down , Try to discover the difference , Take a new perspective on the small details of life , Maybe there will be unexpected harvest !

5、 ... and 、 Cherish every opportunity to learn

The Internet is developing rapidly , In fact, in the Internet world , We can also learn a lot , And to see other people's good works , Analyze , Or join a photo tour , They are also very good learning opportunities , If there is such an opportunity, don't miss it .

6、 ... and 、 Set a time for yourself to take pictures

Taking pictures is like riding a bicycle , No practice for a long time , It's hard to be strange . Photography takes a long time to practice , To make progress , So I want to keep my power from fading , Practice regularly to ensure that the skill does not retreat .

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