How to improve photography technology? You must listen to these seven suggestions

2020-11-19 22:49:27  作者:Photography Academy

Photography , From the beginning , It's not a fast art . In the process of our study , We often encounter a variety of situations that lead to our hobby of photography giving up halfway . however , If you read this article , That means you still have a great love and expectation for photography . So here , I've sorted out some effective ways to improve your photography skills . I hope you can be helpful .

1、 Keep loving

Interest is the best teacher , The best course or course , If you don't like photography , Can't improve your skills . I've seen too many fans who spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands , After buying the equipment , Give up halfway , And then they change hands , go fishing 、 Growing flowers 、 Or other hobbies . Photography is not a short-term art , therefore , If you want to improve your technology , Just keep loving , Progress every day , You can shoot good photography .

2、 Combine practice with theory

secondly , Just shoot more . It's not advisable to shoot blindly or just learn theoretical knowledge . Grandfather Deng once said : Practice is the only criterion for testing truth . And photography is also a kind of art which is promoted by practice under the support of theory . When we were shooting , According to all kinds of photography skills we have learned, we can take photos to confirm . After filming , We can see that those methods are really suitable for us to use in shooting .

4、 Think before you shoot , Be good at catching

The biggest difference between novice photographers and high-level players is whether they consciously observe 、 Consciously capture the picture . We often hear complaints from people around us , There is always no good scenery to shoot , Other people can go anywhere to take beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers and so on . Little imagine , Even small bridges and flowing water , The hills and gullies also have their exquisite beauty . What we have to do is not complain , It's about shooting from the tiny scenes around us . If you can't even photograph the scenery around you , When I go to shoot some grand scenes , What kind of confidence do you have to shoot well ?

4、 Be good at learning and improve

There are many ways to learn photography , Reading photography books 、 Photography magazines are all about learning . If you have friends with better skills , You can also ask them for advice . Of course , You can also find some tutorials on the Internet , Slowly accumulate . The beginning of the article also said , Photography has never been a quick art . When we study , Ask for advice modestly , Hope to get more criticism and correction , Remember mistakes , Growing up through mistakes is also a way to improve .

5、 Enhance the beauty of photography

The most important thing about photography is aesthetic ability , We're taking a set of pictures , At a glance, I look like I'm amazed , I feel that my works should be able to appear on the cover of some magazines . however , It's just a self congratulation . Aesthetic promotion is to help you improve your vision and vision . Knowing that aesthetic photos are good works , What kind of work needs to be improved ; Which places are well photographed , What needs to be improved . That's what aesthetics brings you . Know what beauty is , Where is beauty .

6、 Be good at accepting criticism

A small group of film friends I know , When others point out their shortcomings, they will angrily say that you don't know anything , It was a good shot , You said the shooting was flawed , Can't stand any criticism at all . In fact, this is not conducive to the improvement of photography technology , We are in the process of learning , More or less there will be some shooting problems , When others point out , Whether it's goodwill or malice , We should carefully examine whether there is such a problem in the photos . Find problems and correct them in time , It's more conducive to the improvement of our technology .

7、 Study PS later stage

I don't know if there is such a person around you , For years , It's always been about photos . If you argue with him , Most of the time he'll use : Photos are meant to record the most real light and shadow , If later , It lost its original charm . However, photography can not completely restore the light and color when shooting .

Compared to what the human eye can see , The camera is a lot worse . What's more, shooting with camera , It's a little bit distorted . The later period is to restore the real light, shadow and color , To eliminate distortion . If you admit photography is an art , Then accept , Art can be rendered . And the latter is the rendering process of the photo . therefore , Don't reject the late . If you don't , You can learn .

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