How to shoot autumn chrysanthemum? This article, teaches you to take a picture of spring orchids, autumn chrysanthemums, a piece of red paper

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Picking chrysanthemums under the east hedge , Leisurely see the south mountain

—《 Drink wine , Fifth 》 Tao Yuanming

Spring orchid, autumn chrysanthemum, summer lotus and winter plum , Each season has its representative flowers . Since the ancient times , Poets and painters love to express their feelings with chrysanthemum . It's not just because chrysanthemums are so clean 、 Yun Yi , Beauty in form and quality , And because it opens in late autumn , Aoshuang stands up , The cold never withers .

below , I'd like to share with you the shooting skills of chrysanthemum .

Equipment preparation

Telephoto lens

Shoot with a telephoto lens , Increase the aperture , Can get very good depth of field effect . Of course , Besides controlling the aperture , We can also use the distance between the subject and the camera to adjust .

The advantage of using a telephoto lens to shoot chrysanthemum is , Can take advantage of the lens itself , To reduce the problem of distance . If you look at a cluster of flowers or a flower , We can also try not to trample on other flower clusters as much as possible .

Macro lens

alike , Macro lens is also very suitable for shooting chrysanthemums . If you haven't photographed , May as well try to film the beauty between sumeruke seeds . Take a macro shot of chrysanthemum , We can be very ingenious to find the lines of tiny petals or the smaller flowers of plants .

Chrysanthemum in macro shot , small 、 lovely 、 The picture is clear . And photographing macro flowers is not like insects , They run around . The difficulty of shooting is also greatly reduced .

Fixed focus lens

Fixed focus lenses are the most common , It's also one of the most commonly used lenses , The large aperture allows more light to be entered during shooting , Make the picture more transparent , I have a sense of breath . When we were shooting flowers and plants , It can be used 35mmf1.4 perhaps 56mmf1.2 This kind of big aperture to shoot . Using the virtualization of a large aperture , Arrange a suitable foreground or background to set off the petals of the subject . To achieve clear subject , Before and after the hazy effect . If the color match is right , Then the chrysanthemum works will be very beautiful


The use of tripod , It's to prevent the jitter during the shooting , Causes the picture to lose focus .

Shooting techniques

Camera settings

When shooting , It is recommended to use AV files ( Aperture priority ), This makes it easier to adjust the aperture . When you take a close-up shot , Open up the aperture , Shoot a shallow depth of field effect , If you want a larger picture of flowers , You can adjust the small aperture , Get a wide range of depth of field , Virtualize the background , Strengthen the subject .

In order to ensure that the light sense of the picture is better , You can set the white balance to daylight white balance , Use spot metering mode to shoot , The highlight area of the picture is measured separately .

Composition :

Take pictures of chrysanthemums in different shapes , We can use different composition to represent the picture . Such as wild chrysanthemum 、 Small flowers such as Chamomile , We can use head up camera to shoot , Take a central composition , Place the subject you want to represent in the center of the picture , Make use of the depth of field to void the surroundings , Highlight the subject .

If it's a big chrysanthemum , You can take a picture of , Use left or right composition . We should try our best to show the layering of petals and the effect of light and shadow , Let each petal have a clear outline , Make the whole flower more stereoscopic .

A little creativity when shooting

If you want to make your work more innovative , Try some creative moves . for example : Spray some water mist on the petals , Create a fresh feeling . Or catching a butterfly 、 The bees , On top of the petals , Make photos more alive ......

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