Portrait photographing: the so-called thin on the camera, in fact, is using the right 12 camera positions

2020-11-19 22:49:25  作者:Photography Academy

Want to shoot high 、 Thin 、 A photo of a portrait on camera , Then we should know how to develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses in posture , Know how to make a perfect appearance , Today, Xiaobian will bring you 12 A photogenic pose , So that you can take pictures of yourself both on camera and beautiful , We must master it .

1、 Put your chin down a little

When you take a picture of a person's face , You can make your chin a little tighter , Tilt your whole face down a little , The direct effect is that your whole face will look thin and photogenic .

2、 Hair covers the face

Girl's hair is a sharp tool for face thinning , When you take a portrait , You can use both sides of your hair to hang down , Cover your face skillfully , Whether you have apple muscles or cheekbones , It's not a problem , The charming little face is covered , It can also improve the head ratio .

3、 Simple mumps

If someone asks if there is a manual way to thin face , Xiaobian will definitely recommend this simple and crude way of face thinning , It doesn't have to be very hard , Simply and gently hold , Shape your face , It's very thin on the camera .

4、 The side face 45 Look up at the sky

Looking up at the sky is very artistic. Yes , But face 45 There is more than artistic conception in the sky , It's also very thin , How do you do it? ? It's very simple , Just like the girls below , A little side face for the camera , Lift up your heads 45 Look at the sky , You can look thin and beautiful !

5、 Block half face

There will always be more meat on one side of the face , It looks a little fat , Just stop it , This is the whole thin delicate face , You can block it with your hands or props , The portrait is thin in the mirror .

6、 Looking back

A lot of people think that it's fatter to take a face photo , The facial features are flat , Then you can take a side photo , If you look back with a side face , That will deepen the sense of three-dimensional sense of facial features , Take a very photogenic and skinny portrait !

7、 Smile, smile

Qiao smile Qian Xi , I look forward to it , No matter what kind of face you are , It's not good , Just when you take a picture , Just smile a little more , It's always better to shoot a portrait like this than if you don't laugh .

8、 Don't look at the camera

It's not natural to look at the camera , Then don't look at the camera , It's a way to make your photos look natural , Avoid looking directly at the camera , Look at the sky, the earth, the flowers and the grass , You can take pictures of people naturally .

9、 Don't stand there

Standing with too single posture can't show your style well ? Good looking photos require a variety of postures to achieve , More standing photos taken , Occasionally change scenes for photos , It's good to sit on the ground and watch the camera .

10、 Blend into your surroundings

When you take pictures during the trip , You can interact with the environment around you , Integrate into the environment , For example, roadside sculpture makes the same expression , Interact with the graffiti wall around you and so on , This can make the painting style cute , This kind of person looks very interesting .

11、 With props

Use the props around you , It can often produce interesting effects , Such as beautiful flowers and plants 、 Colorful fruit snacks and so on , Simply borrow , Can often take rich and beautiful photos , Very photogenic .

12、 Use the back shot

A lot of times, the birth of long legs , It's all about 45 The angle of view of the back shot , Look at the photographer , The operation of taking pictures is very simple , How to use the back shot is beautiful , Thin and photogenic !

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