How to take scenery photography? If you don't pay attention to these five points, you can't shoot it 100%!

2020-11-19 22:46:22  作者:Photography Academy

Scenery photography is one of the most popular photography subjects , As long as there's photographic equipment , Even a novice can take one or two . But not all the photos taken can be called good works . What are the characteristics of landscape photography that can be called works ? Today, I will analyze it with you .

1、 Have a good composition

Composition is an important factor to measure whether a photo can be called a work , When we were taking a picture , Need to have a clear idea and shooting theme . And composition is to define a frame , Let you layout the picture in the frame . When we make up the picture , If you want your work to be good enough , Then we must choose the subject of our shooting , It will affect the screen 、 Delete the elements that interfere with the visual effect of the picture . Especially scenery photos , It's very easy to take similar pictures with other people , In composition , Try shooting from different angles .

2、 Color expression

secondly , If you want pictures to be more expressive , We must have a good sense of color and hierarchy . Different colors , It can make people feel different emotions . It's not just photography , Movies and paintings often use different colors to shape the environment , Create a variety of atmosphere for the picture , In order to influence people's emotions . In photography , Using color is more than just emotional rendering of the picture , It is more conducive to the expression of the content and the expression and deepening of the theme .

3、 Guide line

From the literal meaning of joint photography , The function of the guide line is to use the lines existing on the surface of the screen and the potential lines in the picture , Guide the audience's vision , It's very common in landscape photography . In a photograph , Our eyes move unconsciously , Meandering unconsciously along a certain pattern 、 seek , You know when you see the subject of the picture , The guide line in the scenery photo is like a bait to guide us to the trap , Let's immerse ourselves in the picture of photos unconsciously .

4、 The depth of the picture

The vertical feeling described here , It is to use perspective principle to show the spatial level of photos in the picture , Make the picture look three-dimensional 、 It's hierarchical . When we were shooting landscapes , If there is a lack of depth , It makes the picture look flat . It's not interesting to see at one glance . So how to deal with the depth of the picture ? We were shooting , According to the vision of the human eye , Using visual expression , Through light and shadow 、 Extension line and other ways to show the effect of far small near large screen .

5、 Established subject

When taking scenery photos , It's easy to be greedy when shooting , Shoot everything you want . Little imagine , Photography is an art of subtraction . Too many elements in the picture will let the audience know what you are shooting , The theme of the picture is not clear . We were shooting , The interference elements in the picture should be deleted , Make the theme clearer .

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