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2020-11-19 22:46:11  作者:Mobile phone photography can't stop

Since the opening of the new city library, we often borrow and return books , There has been speculation about the grand architecture of the art center where the library is located , What shape is it ? Today I finally saw the official propaganda .

** Tai'an culture and Art Center is a key cultural construction project and cultural benefit project in our city .2013 year 9 Officially opened in .**

Tai'an culture and Art Center building is located on the development axis of Tai'an era .

The whole building is integrated with landscape 、 artistry 、 Practicality as a whole , She looks like a stretch elegant “ Magnolia ”, It's like a fly with wings “ Dapeng , It's a landmark cultural building in our city 、 An important place for cultural benefit .

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