Jiang LAN_ St. Peter's University

2020-11-19 22:46:09  作者:Photography

Neighborhood girl , Lost lamb .

A big crowd , Crossing the ocean alone .

Try to fly in the sky , Ride the wind and waves .

A brilliant career , After the rain, the rainbow shines and the sun shines .

I just wanted to , A few years later , Just a few days , Let's go , It means returning home in good clothes .

In the end , Many vicissitudes of time .

The longest distance , There's a dark tear on the other side .

I want to know , Love you a little bit more , But shyness to my lover , There is no cure .

In my heart , Flying geese pass on the book , The mandarin ducks between the two places .

Copy the article , It's full of ink .

Many circuit , Zhu YangAi , After the frost .

After all, the sound and dust will be lost , Often miss , Don't look back , Go all the way , At the end of the world, the branches are broken ?

But the fog didn't go away , Where to rush , The dream of Lao Yan was heartbroken .

Wave , The words are silent , Red shirt wet two lines .

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