Summer dust

2020-11-19 22:46:07  作者:Photography

Hot summer , There are always some old dreams divided

Separated from the heat, can not be separated from

Yesterday's cold fire

Take a sip of mountain spring , I can't retreat my missing

You are my dream and my heart

Long silence, deep thinking

The next entanglement of time and space

Is it not so sad

Love should be persistent even though we are at the top

What makes us timid

Dare not to love, do not know how to love

A good skin bag always puzzles us

The soul can always shine our eyes at that moment

The closer we are to the warmth of our hearts

The more attractive you are, the more you can't give up

Love can be deep or just smile away

When the simplicity is no longer relying on

Let's go , If I can't meet you ,

I'd rather enjoy the four seasons house alone

A pleasant time is better than a false peace keeping

The boudoir in the world of mortals

It's not as good as my life

You come and go

Don't make me wait for anything more