Understand or not

2020-11-19 22:46:01  作者:Photography

The door is open , When the sound of

Breaking a little bit of peace

Suddenly jump out of

Those clear phantoms

Yesterday seemed like a world away

It's all clear to me that I remember

You've been walking for a long time

Miss for a long time have forgotten is missing

More memories turned numb

I think if you come back

See I'm not that enthusiastic

Please don't blame me

Because I've been missing for so long

Still forget freedom

Only time belongs to me

Maybe you won't show up again

Nothing will be as good as

I'm afraid my green hair will turn white

Words that are somewhat ambiguous because of unclear expression

Not enough to show the scenery I passed by

Become a weak love

Not worthy of the mottled light and shadow of youth

So take advantage of our youth to

It's not so nice to dress up

It's not clear , Otherwise, how can you understand the dusk

In the graceful sleeve

It's just a little dark and gloomy ……

With a lonely back