Enchanted City

2020-11-19 22:45:59  作者:Photography

The sky is weak

Sunny is not hard

It's like a finger can

Make a big hole

It's a little bit tender

Those are the eyes of a three-year-old

Occasionally I can see these innocent eyes

It's the sun , Probably because it's so far away

There are always some disobedient clouds

shelter , And a little bit rampant

The wind , It sounds like a lot of noise

But it's not the wilderness , It's a corner of the city

Further away is the Yellow River , Only vaguely

See the tall bridge ,

The others are all sorts of

Buildings and houses , It goes all the way further

More of the sky is blue

Eyes twinkled around and around

The light of the day is soft , The lights are dim at night

Drunk pedestrians , It's a mystery

Staggering home

There must be someone waiting in the room , Just turn off the lights

Locked the door , Don't let late comers into town

A sweet sleep alone

It's just that the drunk disappeared

not the least trace was found , I think I went to another besieged city

Obsessed with wanting to get rid of , I went back to the city for no reason

It's getting smaller and smaller

Until we get back to the original point

And then it disappeared

Return to the vast sky or

On the boundless land

Flying into the soil under your feet