Camera group | national day you are crowded in crowded scenic spots, I dream in a deserted place

2020-11-19 22:45:57  作者:Photography

Time :2018 year 9 month 22—28

place : Qinghai Yushu to Mala county

The National Day holiday just passed , Xiaomao went to Yading in Daocheng , Send me a message , I came back to my place in the evening and saw .

She complained to me about , From morning till night , I spent the whole day in the car . When I first started , With joy in my heart , But I didn't expect to stop cooking on the way ……

I said, , Travel is fun because it's full of unknowns , Now that I'm gone , Then let yourself, but I'm at ease , Even if it's blocked, it's an experience .

The day before yesterday, I went to the circle of friends , For a rare little vacation , Everyone's comments are particularly consistent , Whether it's mountain or water or scenic area , It's full of people .

In this case , Let's take a look at my journey .( reminder : Don't envy me after reading it .)