In this era, in addition to clothing, food, housing and transportation, there is one thing missing

2020-11-19 22:45:56  作者:Photography

Not long ago , I had a dream , I fell asleep in a park , When I wake up, it's empty , The sun passed through the thick Wutong tree , On the empty bench , I'm not sure what time .

I get up , belly “ Gollum ” The earth kept screaming , Decided to go out on the street and find something to eat . There are no figures in the street , It made me a little flustered . I've been in this city for a long time , It's the first time I've come across this situation .

I went into a noodle shop , They dress strangely , That scene is very familiar , It's like a picture on TV . I ordered my favorite oily noodles , Pay after eating , Found no QR code for payment , Ask the woman at the front desk , No matter what I say , I didn't talk to her , Just pointing at my cell phone , Shaking one's head .

I went through my pockets , Not a cent . Just when I was at a loss , A man patted me on the shoulder , It's not time to look back , Suddenly I woke up , I have my cell phone in my hand , I quickly opened the memo and wrote down everything that happened in my dream .

What I want to say is , The advent of the Internet and mobile phones has finally detonated the information atomic bomb . Each person's personalized dynamic form is perfectly combined and connected , No more cover up . Even ordinary entertainment , It's also known to have executed a serious topic , The public even talked about the regicide , Humans submit to the screen , Slowly degenerate with ease .

Someone asked me , Is it only Chinese people who control mobile phones ? I have also thought about this question , Don't foreigners use mobile phones ?

later , I went to different countries , Different cities , I've seen people of different skin colors , The answer to this question is . I can't say it's the right answer , But for most people , In this era, in addition to clothing, food, housing and transportation , There's one thing missing , That's the cell phone .

And this one , It's not about the country anymore . Maybe human nature is the same , Even in different countries , But we haven't changed the world , It's about changing yourself over time .

Someone asked me. , Why do you love taking pictures ?

For me, , Sometimes a photo is more than a moment in one's life , But every shot tells its own story .

Like the following , It's me who travels around , Some pictures of the relationship between mobile phones and people . It can be said that there is no skill , No purpose , yes , we have , It's just a real perspective .

Maybe that's why I love photography .

I love photography , I did five part-time jobs in college , For nearly a year , Bought the first SLR .

Every time I travel , Every corner of the street , There is always a love shadow with a camera , Although just “ Clap as you feel ”, But it's real to record life .

Remember the time , In a village , Take a picture of an old man , When I left , Old people and hugs , It was a move from the heart , I think it's worth it .

I sometimes think , Years have left traces on people's faces mercilessly , Maybe , One day we will find that , Live in the present , That's the most important thing .

But I firmly believe. , Time forgets , The picture remembers .

I photograph , Maybe it's just because I love photography .