Loneliness is not a derogatory term in Tokyo

2020-11-19 22:45:54  作者:Photography

Back from Tokyo , Two months have passed , Many adventures in the distance of the story researchers continue to write travel notes .

It's me , After such a long time, I still don't know how to write . I have seen the travel notes of each of them , Expressed in photos , In words , There are also hand-painted creations , And video clips on the tall .

This is the time , It's like I should mention the pen, too , Write something . Otherwise , In a while , Memory will fade away , How can I start writing ?

This is my second trip to Japan , I don't think you'd like to read that kind of big book , Let's talk about some details that I have a deeper understanding of , That's loneliness .

Tokyo , My personal feeling is very suitable to enjoy the life of lonely people , Especially as a foreigner who doesn't know Japanese , It's easy to feel the loneliness of every Tokyo office worker .

however , I say the way to be lonely may be different from others , I'm a photographer of the 18th line , therefore , In everyday life , I like to use photos to express what I want to say .

In that case , Then I'll take 《 Lost in translation 》 To start with , Like for Bob and Charlotte , Everything comes from loneliness everywhere .

Tokyo , This prosperous and strange city , It's just a magnifying glass , Enlarge the area of loneliness .

Even though , Everyone is lonely for different reasons .


Tokyo is like a myriad of prisms , It's like magnifying everyone , It also magnifies our loneliness . meanwhile , It's like the piety in the temple , To make people realize that loneliness is not a disease .

What I want to say is , Loneliness in Tokyo is not a derogatory term , It's like the Tokyo Tower with twinkling stars , The dazzling loneliness .

When I left Tokyo , It's dawn , The city is silent , As if there had been no excitement , The loneliness of this city , With all the imprints of passion , Loneliness is actually beautiful .

As the plane leaves the ground , I said the last two words , bye .

that , What made Tokyo catch up with the world , Or out of the world ?

however , Only one thing is certain , Tokyo's loneliness seems more lonely .

Of course , I still hope you have a good trip !