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1994 year 8 month 8 Born at 1:00 a.m , When my mother gave birth to me, I was not as big as I am now .

Born a little bit , Always confused .

I got chickenpox less than three months old , My mother was so young that she poured a whole bottle “ Dimethoate ”( A pesticide ), Black foam in the mouth , The doctor said to give up treatment , Growing up with bad milk powder , The brain is dull .

Left behind children , A lonely character , Looking at the skyline that can't see the end , Go home and write ancient poems on the ground .

To stumble , Try to get into the University , Try to be gregarious , Wandering around the edge of the group .

Spring wind is not as good as you


Set off on foot for Tibet , Qinghai Lake was cheated , Doubt the world .

I met a noble man , There are some things you don't do now and you won't have a chance again , It's never too late to start , But find yourself in need of it .

Addicted to the world , Chaidamu's chest opened , Aotai danger was buried by snow first , Bingchacha life and death through the great quicksand …… Start to fear life .

66 A stranger's sofa , The power of walking , Correct self righteous prejudice against the world , Become independent .

A big change in character , Bohemian, love freedom .


Part time buying SLR , Photography has no teacher , One shot a day , Self taught .

Photography , It's my third eye .

I don't shoot what I don't understand , I only take pictures of everything that my eyes can see . Um. , I can only take pictures of ordinary people , But for me , Ordinary people are all people .

Let the picture , Speak for me , Share tens of thousands of photos .


Supporting education in remote mountainous areas , Take pictures of children and old people , Harvest pure smile .

I got a call : Miss Dameng , I put the picture you took for our house under the box . Tears streaming down her face .

Renamed Dameng , Tell yourself not to forget the original intention of public welfare .

Hear the voice of dreams : I want to go to Tiananmen Square in Beijing , Because Tiananmen is such a beautiful place ; My new year's wish is to have a soap and a picture of myself ; I want to be a teacher , Because teachers teach and educate people …… Set a firm goal .

Travel through many remote mountain areas , Just to give the children a glimpse of their childhood , Or take a picture of the old man .

Public photographer , Believe in what time has forgotten , The picture remembers .

launch “ meet 101 Smile ”, Public welfare is not compassion , It can also be small , Warm .


Start refining words ( writing ), It's often revised at two o'clock in the night , The next day, it was revised to 12 o'clock in the sweat and flood , It's only a thousand words .

No one has been watching , Doubt yourself , Give up writing .

I picked up my pen again , So far, I have never interrupted writing , Not even for a day . I haven't taken the course of writing for tens of thousands a month , I have never been a teacher .

More and more like to dig people's soul , It's not big , It's small details , Maybe it's a simple act of stroking your hair .

I like to stare at people , Misunderstood as peeping at others .

My writing is all about small people , Because the world is made up of little people , I can't finish writing , therefore , I always have fresh insights and thoughts .

Treat words , In awe .

To create a platform or not to cater to someone , Just express yourself . therefore , Truth is often one of the most precious things in the world .

Um. , The gold will shine .


Years apart , With all the opposition , Resolutely leave , Choose to go out first and experience , And then come back to the way of precipitation .

Changing the trajectory of life .

I came to Shanghai alone , Cruise Travel Planner & New media operations , It seems to get a steady job , Lost more .

More than two months later , The boss touches the bottom line , Write your resignation letter at 12:00 p.m , I went through the formalities the next day . If you really want to leave .

confused , Fear , I don't know how to go in the future , Dreams have no shape .


Suddenly found that we are in a lonely era , Everyone needs to export , I want to be someone who builds an exit .

Occasional hints , insomnia , You must be dreaming , Suddenly determined to set up “ Time shop ”, Turn down high paying jobs .

The road to dream is lonely , There will be a lot of questioning in this process . Tears were streaming down the subway .

You can give yourself a chance to try and make mistakes , But don't want to miss , The cost of missing is too high .

Be someone who can build exits .


Travel experiencer , B & B experiencer , Travel blogger .

Various platforms sign up , Publishing e-books , Publishing paper books .

Public photographer , Special photographer .

Suddenly there are many more titles , Find that you will pay back if you pay , No effort, nothing .


My name is Dameng , Others say that I am a literary youth , Slash the youth ……

But in fact , I'm just an ordinary person who is always running , That's it .

I prefer to say , I'm an interesting time seller .

On the way to dream , Thank you for your persistence .

Thank you for being here all the time , Thank you for always loving me .

I will try my best as always , generous , Be your own sun .