The light of others can't light up your future

2020-11-19 22:45:52  作者:Photography

Someone else's aura , Never light your future .

Don't just focus on the light of others , Ignoring the real self in my heart .

Actually , You're going to get better, too , very good .


Once I went to Chengdu , When I was in college, a student who had a good relationship with me , She's going to a big event . She was in the Propaganda Department of some government department , Mainly as a journalist . Just ask me if I'm interested in going to ?

The key point is that leaders say there are still red envelopes to take . She added .

I didn't think about it , Anyway, it's OK to stay in the inn , I can also help my sister take some pictures , So I agreed with her .

We made an appointment for , Meet in advance near the venue , And then I sat in a coffee shop for a while , My sister bought me a vanilla latte , Talking about the memories of campus life ,

The activity we are going to attend is about Sino US Chengdu catering service industry exchange meeting . The activity begins , When the host is present , I was surprised to find that many of the founders of the hot pot restaurant I once ate were in it , Like da Longyan , Xiaolongkan , Great Xia of Shu …… That moment , I suddenly feel very lucky .

however , By the end of the meeting , I still haven't been able to say a word with any boss .

The end of the meeting , The organizer said to build a wechat group , It just pulled me in . Many entrepreneurs from the Sino US hotpot catering industry who attended the exchange meeting were in it .

Look at their nicknames in the group , Everyone has a brilliant title , founder , Chairman of the board of directors ,CEO, adviser , president ……

They always talk about going public ,A Round of funding ,B Round venture capital , Go public, etc . Everyone's photos in the group are all about going to different places with various titles .

Even sometimes , A red envelope in the group is hundreds of yuan per person , When I'm lucky, I can still grab dozens of them .


I remember that as soon as there was news in the group , I'll just click in and see what's said , It's like I'm here all the time. I envy them , I dream that I can start my own business one day , A lot of money , Mix in this kind of “ Circle of friends ” Just fine .

later , I secretly added my wechat of several of them , Occasionally, I have a chat with others , You can't talk too much , It's pure flattery , The condom is almost nothing .

Actually , Now I understand that people don't care what you say . It's just the vanity of the heart , I cheat myself every time , It must be because they are too busy , I didn't have time to reply .

All in all , That kind of scene , It's like being in a trance and feeling close to them , But far away .

later , A boss said something to me ,“ Young people , Do what you have to do .”

All of a sudden, my whole body was burning , Every pore is shrinking . I feel like I've been slapped in the face , To be precise, this trauma is more painful than a real blow .

But at the time , What's more, I'm not reconciled to it , A hopeful child , I thought I was taking a chance , You can jump to your feet . Unfortunately, I found that , You don't have a chance .

therefore , I went through their circle of friends , They're always working on the case in the middle of the night , I'm still catching the plane , Attend various events …… Their profiles are all about struggle , They always seem to be moving forward in the face of life and work .

I suddenly realized that , In fact, the so-called success , I don't want to take myself for granted , Other people's aura is not as easy to get as you think .

I deleted the wechat of several people I added before , Also quietly quit group chat , I don't look forward to what others can give you , And more should rely on their own efforts .

There's nothing to complain about .


Blindly envy other people's life , This problem , I used to have , Especially in high school .

I come from the countryside , Naturally, you can only be a resident , Go home once a semester , So I especially envy those students who live in the city . They don't have to worry about what to buy when they buy clothes and shoes , There is a fixed allowance every day , And don't worry about what to eat next , How much is suitable for you …… In the corridor of the teaching building , You can often hear people talking about the movies you watch on weekends , Bought the poster , A fun place to go .

then , Look back at yourself , I haven't been to the cinema once since I was so old , Cell phone with the most old-fashioned kind of , It takes a long time to save money to buy a pair of shoes you like .

The first thing to put down every day is to rush to the canteen , I'm afraid I'm late. There's no delicious food , At ordinary times, when you have a disease, you have to fight against it in silence .

Plus the junior high school results are not bad I , High school started to plummet , At least compared with other people, it's plain , It's not as good as others . I gradually became not confident , Talking to some students in the city is very quiet , I'm afraid others will look down on me .

So at that time , I especially like “ peep ” The wonderful life of others . But the more so , The more closed I am , Only by living on the Internet , Make yourself a little bit existential .

Last year I went back to Yunnan to see my grandparents , In Kunming, I met a classmate who had a good relationship with senior one .

I said, , You know what? ? When I was in high school, I envied you people who lived in the city , Don't worry about anything .

I didn't expect the usual lisvin girl , Slapped the table : Oh, my God , You envy us , I envy you , You don't have to be controlled by your family . At that time , Especially hope to live as freely as you do ……

A lot of times , Think of yourself as unfortunate , It's something that others can't reach on tiptoe , It's just that we confine ourselves to the framework, not ourselves .

therefore , I used to say later that , To discover the beauty of life , Instead of always reminding yourself of your misfortune .


Actually , I used to watch inspirational movies , such as 《 Wind and rain Harvard road 》,《 Forrest gump 》, What else is Harvard girl Liu Yiting , Or the winners of the new concept writing contest .

Now I've grown up , Suddenly found such inspirational movies and books everywhere . But then , I was immersed in it , It is difficult to extricate themselves . envy 、 Sigh with emotion 、 Be determined 、 And hesitated …… therefore , Neglect that you should create the wonderful things in your life .

so to speak , For many years I've been , In fact, they are all living under the aura of others . I spend time searching and wandering people's stories , Magnify the light of other people's achievements . But ignore the hard work of others and the hardships behind it .

There is a , I find the best junior high school teacher to say their own distress .

She told me , In the success of others , Some people use it to motivate themselves to be strong , Slowly create a real scene of your own , In the end, it became the object of other people's respect . So what's your choice ? It's a lifetime of chasing those mirages , Or live in the castle built by ourselves and enjoy tea and paintings with many admirers ?

Now I , Finally, I can understand what the teacher said . Always envious of other people's life , And no effort , In fact, it is a kind of “ Morbid ”.

Now , And there will always be people who will find me , How can you take pictures , Why can you write so many words , Why can you work nine to five or roam the world , Why? ……

There are not so many why , What can be seen is freedom , What can't be seen is effort .


The other day , Talk to me with a college student who works in sales . She said , In the past, I always thought that the sales were always tens of thousands of monthly salary , Went to find that these are paid a huge price in exchange for .

They face all kinds of pressure every day , The Wine Bureau and some unnecessary harassment . And if you're free , There are no customers , The income is gone .

Their company has a pregnant woman , Still working with a big belly , Because it's a commission job , Unlike other people, you can still get paid by sitting in the office .

One of the most memorable words she said was : It turns out that sometimes what you see may not be true , What's more, listen to what others say .

Yeah , What an exciting thing success is , Everyone wants to achieve something . But , When we look up to others , Don't lose yourself , And remember who you are , See where you are , And capabilities .

also , When you admire the success of others , I also thought that it was someone else's sacrifice of comfort ; When you admire the talent of others , Don't forget that it's the private effort of others .

Of course , You should be more concerned : What kind of life do you want ? What did you give yesterday ? Three or five years later , What kind of person are you going to be ……

these , It's all important .