I swear I'll have fun

2020-11-19 22:45:51  作者:Photography

Writing for more than a year , I keep sharing my stories on the road .

Constantly receive people's attention and love ,

Let me feel that meeting is a kind of fate , I also cherish and appreciate everyone .

thank you all , Let me have the opportunity to share the warmth I met unexpectedly on the road .

Actually , A lot of people see me beautiful , The sun 、 Warm heart , envy , And that's just what other people see .

And what I'm familiar with is the process of self-awareness .

Loneliness all the way 、 Tired out 、 Desolate 、 insist .

People who seem to be handy in life ,

It's just the difficulties I've experienced in the past ,

Give and accept more than anyone else .

Tell the truth ,

I never thought how successful I would be one day ,

Or do something big .

I just hope that after satisfying my life .

It's like the golden sun ,

Bring a little warmth to the people around you .

therefore , I never thought too much ,

Just choose to walk on the road all the time ,

Be prepared and never stop .

What I want to say is ,

Too many times, people outside the city yearn for the happiness of the city ,

People in the city yearn for freedom outside the city ,

And more people prefer to stand on

On the city wall, laugh at the city and the outside .

No one can succeed easily ,

You have to make a better choice ,

Persevere in .

Actually ,

We are all passers-by ,

And I hope you're the one who's prepared .

Dameng's new book is on the market

Real person signature during pre-sale period + Leaving a message. + Original Postcard .

Passers by in the distance , I was lucky to meet you .