All your efforts will be rewarded in the end

2020-11-19 22:45:49  作者:Photography

Someone asked me. , What is a dream ?

I thought about it for a long time , Live every day of the moment , In the days to come, I can still look back on my mouth

this , It's a dream .


There is a , Xiaomin, a friend I haven't met since I graduated from university , Suddenly wechat me : Big Meng , I'm so lonely now .

I asked quickly , What's up? ?( Think something's wrong )

She said she was alone in Shanghai , The weather is changeable recently , After getting off the bus, a cloud came over and it was a storm . I wanted to call didi for a taxi, but I found my mobile phone stopped , There are few cars coming and going from work to living place , And then I was alone carrying the stuff I had just left , Walking on the road of no one's wind and rain .

She said , I almost didn't burst into tears at that moment , It feels like the whole world is happy , And I'm lonely like a dog .

I think you'll know, too , Wake up , It's getting late , There is no one around , Silence and darkness , It's like the feeling of passing away . I seem to know more about it , Maybe Xiaomin's situation is similar .

Why suddenly quit ? I'm still curious .

Um. , How to put it? …… I don't like the company now , Not long after the interview came in , In fact, there is always a force of resistance in my heart , I hope it will be delayed for another day 、 In another day , But it's very clear , This day inevitably , It's still coming .

It's been a long time since I wanted to quit , Really determined , It's recent .

Then you don't have to be so upset ? I still don't understand what she's thinking .

The bottom of my heart , More from my nostalgia for the old days , It's like a day off , Old dream can warm one more day …… I know in my heart , Things have changed . A sentence like this pops up in the dialog box .

I think , When I said that , She should be very tangled , But it is so serious .

I don't know how to respond to her : that ....... still , Let's end it . later , As for why I have to resign , She didn't tell me , I didn't ask .

After a few days , I'm a little worried about her , So in the dead of night , Send her wechat again , See what she's going to do next . She said she was also planning to move out of her present residence , One person rents a small house , Preparing for postgraduate entrance examination .

Oh , That's what I realized , In fact, Xiaomin was poor at that time 4 The list that falls , And it's a university in Shanghai . therefore , Why Xiaomin is going to Shanghai , Why resign ? I seem to be able to understand .

Then you will be more lonely ? In fact, I didn't want to say that , But it turns out to be like this .

Xiaomin said , I've been thinking a lot these days , Like you said , Actually lonely , It's one of the best ways to burst out your wisdom . I believe that life will not go on forever , Always be hopeful , I also believe that my efforts will eventually light up the future .

I don't say anything anymore , Because I think Xiaomin must be able to realize his dream . It's not about quitting when you're stuck , Choose to escape , And more importantly, you should know what you want , And make unremitting efforts for it .


When I just graduated , I also encountered an embarrassing thing . Every time I go home , Family and friends , Even the neighbors asked as soon as they met : Has it been allocated ? What kind of work ? Where is it ……?

And then I said I didn't work yet , They'll look at me in a strange way . Is that the kind of thing that makes people think you went to college , How it feels like I didn't go to college ?

At that time, I was quite ashamed , It's not because of what those people think of me , I feel sorry for my family , Or when people talk about me, they don't know how to deal with the situation .

From small to large , They're waiting for me to make a difference one day , There's no way to glorify our ancestors , But I also hope I don't have to be a farmer all my life in that small mountain village . Then I watched my classmates go to work one by one , Engaged in what I learned in college . Often in the circle of friends to participate in this training today , I'll receive this person tomorrow , Which activity did you take part in the day after tomorrow …… therefore , I feel a little anxious in my heart , I feel more and more scared .

I submitted several resumes , Finally, I chose to go to an Internet company in Shenzhen . At that time , There is a saying very popular on the Internet : The world is so big , I want to see it .

And just right , At that time, I was working towards the fifth night of wine . Because this tuyere hasn't been through yet , Plus day-to-day work , I asked myself , The world is so big , When can I go and see ? During that time , I often lose sleep , I always thought that the so-called insomnia “ literati ” There's something wrong with it , I didn't expect to experience such a time .

occasionally , I'm just lying in bed , Ask yourself what kind of life you want . I suddenly found out about the future , Not as confused as before , Will not be as unknown as before, as if eroded all my vision and imagination .

in other words , In fact, the future is clear , The shape of the dream gradually appears . It's just that I'm afraid to be different from others , I'm afraid I can't accept other people's different eyes , I'm afraid that if I take a step forward, I'll have nothing .

A lot of times , It's not that the world is bad , Sometimes it's just that we live so comfortably .

Then one day , I received an invitation letter , It's an invitation from a tour experience around China's border . I didn't hesitate too much , So the next day I quit , Because I know what I want to do , And at least I'm not starving right now .

After driving around China , I've also received some qualifications for the B & B experience , Some publishers began to ask for contributions from me , I really want to go on this road all the time , And I came down .

People often tell me , I envy you that you can live the life you want . In fact, a lot of people see me beautiful 、 The sun 、 Warm heart , envy , It's just the result that others see .

And what I'm familiar with is the process of self-awareness , Loneliness all the way 、 Tired out 、 Desolate 、 insist . The future is still tough , But I think since it's been decided , Let's go on and on .

A friend asked me : What is the dream ?

I thought about it for a long time : Live every day of the moment , In the days to come, I can still look back on my mouth , This is the dream .

Of course , If you have a good chance , I still work , They will give themselves opportunities to learn and improve . Growth , That's it , No longer afraid of tomorrow , I really try my best , Be a better person .


I believe in people who seem to be comfortable in life , It's just the difficulties I've experienced in the past 、 Give and accept more than anyone else .

I have a classmate , We all call him “ Six elder brother ”, Six brothers means that he is very 66666. This kind of strength does not mean that he ranked in the academic performance , How good English is , It's his work on computers . At that time , We don't care about any computer problems , I will ask him for help , In most cases , It only took him a little time to solve the problem .

We all study chemistry , And about six elder brother why want to learn computer, delay motive , There are different opinions . But anyway , It's also from the most basic software applications , Software maintenance , The last to C,C++, Until then JAVA These programming studies . All of these , The teacher didn't teach him , He has never been to a computer training institution .

I watched him rise step by step , Living on the desk in his dormitory , From freshman to senior , I haven't broken any books about computers , He often plays with computers that others don't want to use , Sometimes he doesn't want to go to dinner .

Six elder brother soon after graduation , I opened a computer repair shop near a university in my hometown , Although life is not very moist , At least I did what I always wanted to do .

There is a , I asked him why you were so obsessed with learning computer ? He said , Why did you insist on traveling , Look at the world ? Oh , Yeah , In fact, we are all the same , Understand what kind of life you want .

Six elder brother's valiant place , It's not about how strong his background is , Or how much help the teacher gave him . It's about spending a little time each day on things you love , A person , Step by step, step by step , Just completed a long-distance marathon of my life .

And I can write a Book , It's also through trivial time , Write it out a little bit , Then one by one accumulation . There is no one to accompany the process , There is no one to point out , In a person's world alone to bear .

Actually , No matter what city we live in , No matter what kind of work we do , Will face the lonely time .

however , Loneliness is not a person who is lazy in his own world , fallen , It's about talking to yourself in an environment where no one bothers you .

Maybe all lonely people don't have to think , But people who think , It must be lonely in a moment .

hope , whenever , You have accepted the face of sadness 、 , respectively, , Can also be indifferent to accept success 、 Joy .

You can try to , But don't worry , After working hard , You leave the rest to your time .

That's it .