Volunteer travel | Sri Lanka, meet 101 smile with Dameng and be yourself

2020-11-19 22:45:48  作者:Photography

however , About this trip to Sri Lanka , I also want to share with you the following .

Travel with Dameng

Big Meng , As a travel experience , With a rich volunteer experience ; And as a photographer , Will capture every warm moment , Will also use the text to record the journey bit by bit , Become a common good memory . Next year, ,“ meet 101 Smile ” Open a photography exhibition , Participants will also become joint communications officers .

International certified project certificate

The project certificate is internationally certified NGO Organization Award , With international certification qualification , Volunteer time can be in the Communist Youth League and China Youth Volunteer Association under “ Volunteer China ” Website query .

Local primary schools support teaching

Go to local community schools , Bring care and company to those curious souls , Let them freely bloom the purest smile . Not only should we make full use of English 、 Painting and other teaching tasks , Also need to carry out a wealth of extracurricular activities according to the situation of children

Orphanages for children + Nursing care for the elderly

Because of poverty and backwardness , In many parts of Sri Lanka, teaching staff are limited , Get involved with the children in the orphanage , For their small life to bring a turning point, but also maintain the normal teaching staff . Listen to the old people in the old people's home describe the years and rivers they have flowed through with the voice of vicissitudes , Chat with the old people 、 take a walk , Do what you can .

Project time :2018 year 12 month 16 Japan —12 month 22 Japan