The young man who travels around with a camera is not the second generation of rich people

2020-11-19 22:45:47  作者:Photography

A man can make himself himself , More than anything .

What Mu Zixi wrote to Dameng , It's his confession .

I want to share with you .

“ Big Meng , I really envy you , You can travel around .”

The first time I saw Dameng's article, I was attracted by the pictures : It's exotic and elegant , There are the smiles of children in poor mountainous areas ; There's an old woman who's doing handicrafts , There are lovers in the street sweet ; There are open grasslands , There is a vast expanse of wilderness ……

Dameng has been to many places , These are photos taken by Da Meng himself , Looking at the way Dameng holds the camera , cool . What is intolerable is : At that time , He didn't 23 year , And tall and handsome . It's just a child that God cares for . I really envy Dameng .

Dameng told me :“ You can, too .”

“ How can I , I have no money ” I thought in my heart :“ He must be the second generation rich , Otherwise, young , How can this be achieved , Maybe this is the advantage of a rich second generation .” Maybe it's because of poverty , At that time, I hated the rich , I despise such a rich second generation , And I didn't go back to Dameng again .

Two years on , Now Dameng is an inspirational idol of her peers : Travel experiencer 、 Public photographer 、 We media contract author 、 New book publishing …… He's getting better and better .

I'm getting to know him more and more , original , He's not a rich second generation . He likes photography , But I didn't learn photography , It's all by oneself ; His first camera was made part-time by himself ; He likes to travel , Just travel all the way ; He likes public welfare , Just go to the mountains and shoot those kids , Let more people see , Let more people help them .

Two years ago, Da Meng said “ You can, too ” I finally understood .

If you have a dream, you should go after it . Because you feel so far away from your dream , You don't even have the courage to step out , That's cowardice . When you step out , Even if it's a small step , You will also be closer to your dreams .

We always seem to envy others , And find an excuse : He was born with better conditions than me , People are born beautiful , People are born rich , They are lucky . To comfort myself that I'm not as good as him , Then choose to continue to live mediocre .

We all know that there are miracles in this world , Ma Yun was born into an ordinary family , He graduated from a third rate University , But it created Alibaba , Become the idol of a generation . At this time, you will say : Don't be silly , children , This is just an example . Then choose to continue to live mediocre .

There is no absolute fairness in this world . We can't choose the country , Life experience , Parents . The fish in the fish market are alive , Why divide grass carp , bass , Crucian carp , Yellow croaker …… There's a big difference between their prices . Will grass carp envy yellow croaker ?

We often see flower shops , But how come there are no grass shops ? Will grass admire flowers ?

rainy day , Walking on the road , The wind is blowing , rain , Patter... Patter . The grass on the grass is dripping with rain , Shaking with the wind . Next to the flowers , Hit by the rain , How beautiful ……

The grass gave me the answer : I also wanted to be a flower , Why am I always ignored . But I don't have to envy it . It has its advantages , I also have my advantages . Now that I'm a grass , I wish I could be myself . I envy floret , Can I become a flower ?

The grass knows the truth , Why don't we always understand ? Since fate has arranged that our birth is not so noble , But we have noble spiritual qualities , Have your own pursuit , You can have your own world .

Dameng is such a person , He didn't come from a very good background , He didn't go to college 985、211. however , He has his own pursuit , Now, Dameng , Step by step to realize their dreams , Getting closer to my dream .

The rain has stopped , On a sunny day , Workers come to pick flowers . Only the grass continues to grow in the sunshine . The grass looked at the dying flower with mourning eyes and sighed : Life is too long , Who won the back , Who can say it clearly .

The world is not absolutely fair , But it's also relatively fair . Because he will live up to a man who loves life . In limine , We may be in a very different position , later , We may still be in a very different position .

In the beginning, you are a little flower appreciated by others , I'm just a grass that nobody cares about ; later , You become a florist's ornament , At the mercy of others , I'm still free to grow . Last , Who on earth won ? Now? , I can say with confidence that : I really don't envy you at all .

Waste time admiring others , It will be a very meaningless thing . In your constant comparison , You'll forget your strengths , Start to doubt yourself .

At first, I was at a disadvantage , Doesn't mean there's no chance of turning the tables , If you will . It's still a long way to go , Who knows what it will look like in the future .

“ Big Meng , I believe I can do it myself ”.

This is an answer two years late , The answer from the bottom of my heart .