Meet 101 kinds of life, Yan September, you "deserve" to live the life you like

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That July , The city , After more than 20 years of walking in the street , All of a sudden , I don't want to miss . therefore , She peeled the whole body away , Go far away .

Her name is Yan Jiujiu , A vagrant woman .

She said , All the vagabond is not exile , It's my favorite bowl of fireworks .

I said, , When you leave , No fear ?

Definitely , It seems that the dawn there is darker , It will be strange, even more strange . September has been very cool .

later , She shared herself with me three years ago , The first time I step out of the house , My first morning diary when I was alone in Africa :** The first morning of landing , It's silence , It's peace . Safely raised the silent step , trend , The door that opened to me at night . A dusty yard , Covered with sand and gravel , By the wall , There stands a towering ancient tree , Under the tree, there are a few chirping birds , They look like I've seen since childhood , The voice is also uneven . In an instant , There's something hot flowing down your face , a string , a string , Can't stop , I'm not sad , I'm not sad . It's just , The bird , She's a stranger , My closest friend . I was a little moved .**

I used to travel alone , From south to North , From day to night . however , I will never realize what kind of ideological struggle a girl has to endure when she goes to a foreign country .

But think about it , What's the difference between starting with me , In fact, we are all the same .

But it was the first time that this experience , September seems to have found the beginning of life , Another possibility of life .

Before that , September is an ordinary woman living in a small town , Ordinary in appearance , The family is ordinary , The work is ordinary , The educational background is ordinary , Average age , So life can't be more ordinary . This kind of ordinary is like a mountain forever connected with another mountain , It looks like .

I've been listening to my parents since I was a kid in September , Meekness , good , Filial piety …… so to speak , Everything in life follows the rules . For a long time , She also felt that this was the purpose of life , And I believe it .

In my twenties , Mom said to September : children , You grow up , It's time to get married .

I listened to my mother in September , Married .

She knows that people grow up to get married , And then there will be children of their own , Then I will grow old with the married people , Like our parents , This is the life she saw in that environment , I also think that I should have lived in this way all my life .

In my twenties , In the beautiful youth , She never talked about ideals , Subconsciously, that's a perfect word , Belong to the book .

And she thinks she's just an ordinary person , It seems to have nothing to do with the tall things like dreams .

After marriage , She's still gentle , good , Filial to do a virtuous wife , Until the third person in life appears , Tear life apart , She woke up like a dream .

It was a night when the sky was falling : She had never seen the ferocity of life , In the face of its unkindness , She has no ability to resist , From day to night , From night to day , She's like a monkey abandoned in the desert , It's death anyway .

How did you survive ? I dare not say too much .

Only remember that day, tears have been in the flow for a long time , The room was always dark , I've always been a person . September said in silence .

I was a vulnerable person , What's more, it's so miserable . After a while , She went on .

On a day like that , She wanted to end her life , Leave the world forever , The only way she could think of to end the pain .

This state of affairs lasted for a long time , It's just that one day , Suddenly she asked herself :“ If life is over again , What are you going to do with it ?”

Get out of bed in September , Go to the window , She closed her eyes , Across a blank , See a vast expanse of land , There are green ones , There are red ones , There are yellow ones , It seems to be the collision of grass and grass , In many seasons , And some light , With some temperature and wind ……

But no one , And there was no sound , Only the silence of the earth and the loneliness of a person .

I want to go there , A strange place , very far , very far , One person to .

Yes , It's vagrancy ! A sonorous and powerful voice lingers in my mind , After a long period of time .

At that moment , She was suddenly no longer afraid , About any pain , I'm not afraid anymore .

That's a kind of rebirth ? I've always felt that people live a lifetime , There are not many opportunities for rebirth .

yes , I feel like my life is gone , This is a freshman I picked up . Go for it , Go wherever you want to go , Do whatever you want to do . I told myself .

That's it , I went to Africa alone in September . I went to Africa with the emptiness of the world , It's just a long, slow, lonely road . Can't speak English in September , Can't fly , I can't buy a ticket , She can't do anything , But she didn't turn back , suddenly . Even if , Malaria was all over Africa , The shooting and explosion are close to the surrounding market , She didn't have the slightest hesitation .

She wanted to , Death is no longer an issue , What matters is that one cannot be happy , It's terrible .

For such fallacies , I can't agree more .

Thousands of kilometers away in Africa , Yan Jiujiu saw the yellow and old mud wall , I saw the dust flying in the dusk , I saw flamingos flying south in the scorching sun , See the bright eyes in the black face of the Aboriginal , Also saw the simple people open their mouths , Show your white teeth and smile at yourself …… She suddenly fell in love with , It seems that you can live here for a long time , It seems that I was born here , It belongs to the desert .

That's it , Yan Jiujiu survived , In a distant place .

And that's where it starts , In September, I found that there were many ways to live a person's life , But these are all things I didn't know before , Never set foot in .

She looked at the hot land , For the first time, thank you for the rough life , Thank you for killing her . Give her a chance to see the world , Find a different life , And different ways of living .

Through those embarrassing years , September finally understood , The meaning of life , It's not just a character in the crowd , It is more about the realization and value of a person , And do what you find interesting in your limited time .

She lived in Africa for more than a year , Realize that the world is really big , There are a lot of places left to go . Think about it , She began to get excited , So the next few years , One after another went to France , Morocco , The United States , Mexico , dubai , Turkey ……

Walking, walking and finding , The world is getting bigger and bigger , And every place she chooses is a kind of life .

That's it , September addiction , For living things .

I know what , I like a word you said , A young man addicted to the world . It's September that suddenly brings me to the line , this , A bit caught off guard .

I'm smiling , I love it too .

September is like me , Walk through the corner and fall , See the hard , Poor , prosperous , Still backward , It seems that every one of them is nostalgic .

For the first time, she realized that she didn't have enough time , I also want to see the dawn and sunset in many places , And the living people and stories under the sunset .

She said , I also want to live every life once again .

I see it again , It was written in her diary :** I like people who play guitar freely in the street ; I like people who have small objects on flyovers or subway corridors ; I like people sitting on the side of the road weaving handicrafts ; I like people who pull small carts and have delicious snacks on the street ; I like to drive a truck full of goods , People who run to sell in the next city or village ; I like them , Like their way , All love is always for wandering .**

And these words , Time stays at night four years ago .

So much walking , What do you think of your life ?

I think ,100 Individuals may have 100 Grow your life , can 1 Individuals can still have countless lives , The world has given us so many choices , And why do we have to keep a kind of old day and night ? So , I envied myself for the first time , I envy myself for making such a desirable choice .

You deserve to live the life you like . I don't know why it's worth the word .

I didn't seem to care about what I said in September , Keep telling your own story .

I always say you can do whatever you want , Besides, life is so short , In the face of an accident .

When I woke up one morning in Los Angeles , I said I wanted to go to New York , I immediately made a reservation for that day , I told the boss , I'm not going to work , We don't need the salary this week . The boss kicked me out of the house , I'm not allowed to stay a little longer .

But I missed my flight , At night, a person with a suitcase in the strange street can not find a place to go , I'm still as happy as a child , It's not painful at all , Because everything is willingly .

“ Elated , It's good ,”

“ What do you like? , Just do what .”

These are two of my favorite words in recent years , And whenever I say that , I don't think there's a need for great truth in life , Only these two sentences , That's enough !

However, I never advise anyone's life , I believe everyone has a reason to choose it , Since I can't let go of , Then don't let it go , If it's heavy , That's what I'm willing to recite .

All the joy , It all comes from willing , In this way, you won't envy anyone's good .


At the moment , In September, I stayed in New York again , Renting someone else's house , But always living your own life , Everything is your own way .

To live , She does everything , Sometimes I feel tired and want to vomit , Sometimes I feel lonely and want to cry . But it's dawn , It's still good , Because it's the way she's going to walk on her own , So I like everything .

Last month, , September said he met a street artist in Times Square, New York , She said she thought of me for the first time . therefore , She asked the painter to draw the picture of me laughing like a child , Tens of thousands of kilometers away , Twelve hours later , I was photographed the whole process of the painting .

I really like it ?

So far away , It's not easy to send ?

Don't worry , The address was sent to you OK 了 .

Remember this June , Come to Shanghai in September , During that time , I made a lot of choices , Quit your job , Life experience is confused ……

She accompanied me to an interview , The conditions are good in every respect . On the way, September said , Do you want to go , Just ask yourself inside .

therefore , I turned down the job that I didn't hate , Established its own “ Time shop ”.

some people , It's not in life for no reason , There must be some reason . I always believed .

I love a word from September : I never pick on life , As long as it's willing to export to me , Let me choose .

lately , She's in her diary again , Wrote down such a paragraph :** I always feel that there are interesting things in every corner of the world , And the good light . Their human fireworks bowl after bowl is not the same , If I like which bowl , I can also stop and drink . I'm on my way anyway .**

Maybe , After all, September will be ordinary and hard to live through this life , Indifferent , Not too many footprints , But every process that goes through , She should miss it all ? perhaps , When I think of it, my mouth will go up ?

Including ourselves , Isn't that enough ?

Yan Jiujiu said , I am a vagrant woman , All the vagabond is not exile , It's my favorite bowl of fireworks .

I told her , You deserve to live the life you love .

I always thought , Everyone's life is worth recording , So I started 【 meet 101 Grow your life 】 The column , To listen to the stories of ordinary people .

I hope , I can meet you in parallel time , Listen to you , Warm you , I will accompany you ……

that , Will you be next ?

It's Dameng , I am here 【 meet 101 Grow your life 】 Wait for you .