If I don't study hard, I will be a photographer when I grow up

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When I was a child , When we don't do our homework well , Mom would tell us , Don't study hard , When I grow up, I'll go to pick up junk like him .

In the eyes of the fathers , They all want their children to study hard , In the future, I'll find a job with an iron rice bowl , Like doctors 、 teacher 、 Civil servants, etc .

I grew up in a modest family , The second generation of peasants came from . But my parents did their best to provide me with the best living conditions , able to eat a lot 、 Wearing 、 Resident 、 Go to a lot of schools , The purpose is to , Study hard , Find a good job later .

In fact, so far , My parents don't know exactly what I do . I only know that after I failed in the college entrance examination, I didn't get into medical school smoothly , Later I studied design , During this period, I opened Taobao to start a business . I remember vaguely later , I seem to be doing photography 、 Design .

Every time I talk to them on the phone , Most of them are asking for help from me , I'm rarely asked about work ; Maybe I'm afraid of pressure , Maybe it's trust in me , gradual , I'm getting used to it .

Go home on National Day , The neighbor came to the house as a guest , In the process of chatting, he talked about his little son Ah Shun .

Ah Shun is my classmate in primary school , After you graduate from college , Except for coming home for Chinese New Year , We don't have much contact with each other other .

The neighbors said that after he graduated , I found a job in an institution in the county . Less than a year , I bought a house one after another 、 Bought a car. , I found a girl friend from high school , With a look of pride .

And then she asked my mom , What kind of work do I do outside , How are you doing now ? My mom hesitated , Faltering : also also Not bad ... It seems to be taking pictures for others .

I was in the kitchen , But you can still hear clearly . Didn't explain anything , Not to boast that they are shooting commercial blockbusters 、 Do tall design and so on . It's a little bit of self blame , Blame yourself for not giving them enough security .

Self in the growing stage , The photography industry with different praise , This is the reality .

**Part 1**

Xiaodi , It's a photographer who can talk with me better . Non - technical background , Really engaged in photography 2 Year .

Working in the first tier cities for many years , But can't bear the soaring house prices and the feeling of no belonging . Finally, I chose to escape , Back home “ Wireless city ”, Got a job shooting accessories .

He is very modest , Also very hard . Because of the low wages in my hometown , In order to pay off the mortgage , Two jobs a day related to photography , We also receive private orders on weekends , It's only in a month 10K about . I don't know how he did it , But calculate carefully ,30 It's not a day off to get that salary , What's the difference between photography and general workers .

He seldom chats in the group during the day , But at night 12 P.m. , He will report to the group on time , Because of this period of time , He just came home from work .

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